Venture 17 or 22

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    Looking a two sailboats at the moment and deciding which one is the right one for me. I’ve sailed a hand full of times mostly on a sunfish. One of the boats I’m looking at is a late 60s model venture 17. He’s asking 300 bucks, good sails, nice trailer, needs the cabin redone and a good cleaning, also the keel needs to be reinstalled. The 22 is a 1975 asking 700. Looks like it take about half as much work to get it looking fairly good and the cabin is a whole lot better looking. Also good sails and trailer. I would be taking these boats to inland lakes near me and was wondering which one would be the right choice for a beginner.

  2. KD3PC


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    either would fill the need and do it well. I would opt for the better condition one, if my budget will allow. The 22 will allow a spot for a port a potti and a cooler and still give you some shade or overnite space. We camped on our 22 for several years.

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  3. Freedom77


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    Is it a 22 or a 222 with a pop top. I would go with the 22. Had one for five years. Fun Boat. Little more room that the 17 and heavier. Check to see if the keel is fiberglass over metal or cast iron. We had 71 and the water got into the keel and expanded the fiberglass. We had to rebuild keel.

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    It’s got the pop top so I’m guessing it’s a 222 then. Is there any good way to inspect the keel while it’s on the trailer.

  5. topcat0399


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    sure, crawl under it with a flashlight for starters...

  6. Freedom77


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    Question, cast iron or fiberglass covered. If she has fiberglass encased keel, look for rust streaks. This may indicate water has gotten between glass and metal. Only way to really inspect is to drop keel to see if pivot hole is worn or egg shaped. I would do this only as a last step.

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    I own a 1970 Venture 17. While they are easy to maintain, repair, upgrade, etc. The cockpit is absolutely too small to have more than one person and be comfortable. You are all dodging the tiller at the same time and there's not enough room to swing a cat.

  8. Vanka472


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    I have a 17 as well, and I agree with Rabe. It's a great 2 person boat. Not to say it's not meant for more or can't be comfortable with 4 but the boat shines with 2.

    Either way, if your budget is set, remember its all fun, and the point at the end of the day is to get out on the water and let the sails loose!

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  9. Tom Winningham

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    I would agree with the other V17 owners, this is a good boat for one or two people, but more begins to get crowded unless everyone knows what to do and when to get out of the way. I own a V17 and have also spend many hours sailing on a 22.
    The 17 is the easier boat to set up and sail by yourself, or just one other person, but if you are taking the family the 22 is much roomier. Also keep in mind the 17 will probably fit in the garage and tow with a smaller car, if that is important. Both are easy to sail, relatively stable and are fun. So enjoy.

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