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Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by jeff buchanan, Sep 12, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. jeff buchanan

    jeff buchanan

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    hunter 35.5 legend
    us columbia
    I have a 35.5 hunter legend 1985 year. since buying the boat I am unable to figure the tuning of this rig. the back stays are turned all the way out. There seems to be no adjustment on the rooler furling that is in under the deck. The mast is racked back to sturn. What is wrong with this rig ?

  2. Whatfiero1


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    Hunter 30t
    US littlecreek
    Sounds like time for refit is that original rigging? I replaced my 25 yrs old rigging last year and moved furler up to deck

  3. Jackdaw


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    Its normal for a fractional boat to:

    Have some rake in the mast.
    To have headstay tension adjusted by shroud tension, not a turnbuckle in the forestay
    To have a backstay that can be adjusted from rod tight to very loose

    Sound like you just need to learn your new rig.

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  4. Michael-Louis


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    Hunter Legend 35.5
    Hu Lake Balaton
    My experiance is with my 1992 Legeng 35.5 with wing keel. I am the second owner and after raising the mast in March just went through the same excercise. I do not know if yours is any different from mine but you can check it on If you want to get your furling drum above deck you have to shorten the steel cable inside the forestay after you finished mast tuning and have about 1-2 degree rake. I brought up my roller furler above deck (see my previous forum comm) and tuned the mast according to the tuning section of 35.5 legend owner's handbook. Jackdaw is correct by saying, that headstay tension adjusted by shroud tension. I believe fractional rigged boats can tension headstay only if running rigging installed (2 backstays attached to the mast where the headstay attached and you have to fiddle with them pretty fast every time you are tacking to make room for the baum). When I was younger I had a Bene First Class Europe and I can tell you that sailing alone in 20 kts wind (because my wife found the transom too open, did not want to come when the wind was over 5 kts) shorthanded it is a bit cumbersome to handle. But the Bene FCE was 2 000 kg having 75 sqm canvas and ours is 6000 kg. I think installing running rigging on a Legend has no benefits unless you are a serious racer.