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Transducer placement Garmin echomap

Discussion in 'Ask A Macgregor Owner' started by Wakulla212, Dec 12, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Wakulla212


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    MacGregor 25
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    I recently pulled the trigger on a garmin echomap Chirp 50 chartplotter/depthfinder for my Mac 25. My question regards the transducer for the depthfinder. I would most prefer to mount it inside the hull and shoot the signal through the fiberglass, thus eliminating having the transducer outside to provide a surface for marine growth, and be subject to impact damage. I have seen the hockey puck style transducers epoxied into boats and work nicely. My transducer is more torpedo shaped
    Does anyone have any experience in epoxying one of these into the hull of their boat? What is the best location? I would expect you wouldn't want it anywhere near the swing keel. I was thinking of mounting it forward under the vberth.

  2. LeslieTroyer


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    Try different locations using a ziplock bag of water or toilet bowl wax. Pick the best.

  3. jjsbiggs


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    I mounted the hockey puck style transducer for my Garmin GPS under the V berth in front of the keel. It seems to work fine there at the bottom of the hull. I don't think the style transducer you show will work inside the hull but I have not tried it. I would think Garmin would make a hockey puck style for the chart/plotter that you have.

  4. Sumner


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    Toilet bowl wax holds the transducers in the Mac and the Endeavour and has worked fine. In the Mac with a somewhat flatter hull shape we have a transducer just ahead of the ballast tank in the bow held in with the wax. The transducer shoots at a slight angle.
    The hull forward on the Endeavour is a lot steeper so I created a more vertical shoot through the hull by epoxying a piece of PVC pipe cut at an angle and then filled it up with epoxy and ...
    ... then used the wax on top of that. This is an under $100 fish/depth finder that is shooting through all that epoxy and the 1/2" hull just fine. If the transducer/depth finder ever has to be replaced it will be quite simple to pull it out of the wax and put on a new one. More here ....

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