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Trailer Build

Discussion in 'Trailer Sailors' started by LeeandRick, Feb 26, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Meriachee


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    One set will always get scuff wear, but that is more dependant on the axle load at the time. On my trailer, unloaded, that is true, the front ones skid through the turn, but loaded, there is more weight on the front axle and thus, the rear ones get dragged along for the ride.

    More often than not, from simple observation at intersections, triple axle box trailers show the rear axle getting dragged around the corner.

    I did entertain the duelly axle solution when this trailer was built, but I had 2 6k axles already so it was only adding a third one and the spring hangars. Doubles would have been a far better solution, the frame rails could have been pushed in making the "box" stronger.

  2. Crazy Dave Condon

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    I sent you a private message with my cell phone number for you to contact me should you ever want to. No need for any apology. Sometimes I have snarled a time or two but remember I am only here to help and that is what this forum is all about. However, sometimes I do live up to my name Crazy Dave. Meriachee and I have become friends and enjoy his messages on model railroading but the real scale is N Scale. Had to throw that one in but HO scale is fine too.
    I look forward to any questions that you might have and hope I can be of help to you. I am not sure about the swivel bow stop. Can you post a photo of that so my old fartitis brain can see it a photo of the keel too would sure help and throw one in on the boat too.
    dave condon
    Condon is spelled like condom but with an n on the end kindly sir. Ha.

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  3. Meriachee


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    Catalina 270
    CA Wabamun - on the orange ball
    N scale is kinda like, well, small. :)

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