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  1. SUMB44


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    So we got the new title for the boat and there is seemingly innacurate information in it. The HIN is fine, but they have identified the manufacturer as 'Dragonfly Sailboats Inc'... is the modern incarnation of O'day? Under vessel type it listed as a 'cabin motorboat'. Are these entries somehow correct?

  2. kloudie1


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    Don't know about Dragonfly.. but in most places, any boat that has an engine, inboard or outboard, is classed as a "motorboat" Would not be that way if no motor attached, I think..

  3. Sunbird22358


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    State Titling Office probably looked up the most recent Company that used the MIC (Manufacturer ID Code) "XDY" and found "Dragonfly Sailboats". No relation to the old O'DAY, just happened to be assigned the XDY MIC. D&R Marine is about the closest thing to being the current version of "O'DAY SAILBOATS, INC". Most States consider anything with a motor to be a "Motorboat" for Registration and Titling purposes. Usually, any boat 14' LOA or larger, that COULD easily mount a motor must be Titled, but not all States (surprisingly) currently require Titles. Usually, only Canoes and Kayaks (and Stand-Up-Paddleboards) are exempt.

  4. theluckyone17


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    Been dealing with this myself... NYS doesn't title any boat older than '87. Registration is required only if it's motor driven (partial or fully).

    I've got a trail of bills of sale for my '79 19, indicating that the last three owners or so never registered the boat. I'm guessing they never mounted an outboard, or managed to avoid officers...

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