Time to let go :-(

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    1978 Hunter Cherubini 33 in Wilmington NC
    been sitting on stands in Cape Fear Boatworks for 5 years or so.
    Needs a major mold clean up,
    plywood rip out and replace,
    hatches rip out and replace,
    sails have been in their bags for over ten years,
    Yanmar was last cranked 5 years ago.

    trying to decide whether to part out and crush it or try to find someone willing to take on a project. Storage costs me $275/mth

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    You should try donating it. I think it's already costing you more than it's worth.

  3. Tally Ho

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    I wonder if anyone would it as a donation...sounds pretty well shot.

    Sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to use her.

    I’d say part out what you can and chop her up. But if you had some photos, it may change my mind.


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    -Will (Dragonfly)

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    I would be tempted to look for someone with a dream and essentially give it away. I know there is a lot of scepticism about taking on a project but back in the day when I had much more time and much less money I did and got 15 years happy use out of the result

    If everything is complete and the title is clean and it has not taken some big hit then a person with the right amount of skills and energy may be able to get it in usable shape

    One way or another I would take decisive action to terminate the monthly cost.

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    Put it on craiglist and whatever for $1500 or $2000 and see what happens, I've seen people on these forums pay more for less.

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    That storage monthly fee is higher then slip fees in Alabama, which explains why there are soo many neglected sailboats here...

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    I second John. Advertise it on Craigslist and give it away for one months storage. That will give the new owner one month to move it and make the yard owner happy too.

    Give some young buck a chance to live a dream.