The 170 and an Asym Spinnaker.....

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    My boat came with the asym spinnaker which I doubt has ever been used. The hull did not get all the extra pieces you see in the kit.

    First let me state, I do not intend to use this sail at anytime in the near and even maybe the distant future.

    My mind wanders some and I was thinking how I might use the sail with what I have on the boat now.

    I can attach the head to a halyard running through one of the 2 blocks on the leading edge of the mast, probably the one with the swivel block.
    The tack could be attached to the fitting on the bow where the jib drum attaches.
    I am thinking I would have to add some jamb cleats in the back somehow for the clew. I would think I would have to copy the set up from the factory. Would there be another way?

    Keep in mind this is not very important, I was just trying to figure out what might have been thought of by whomever bought the boat. I am the third owner and I know the second owner never used the sail. So I guess the original owner had intended to use it but never bought the kit for using it. Or maybe there is a box of parts laying around in the guys basement.

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    Ah, you have to rig it and give it a whirl, bring a couple of other for ballast, head to the highest forward halyard you have, tack to a shackle as far forward as you can (possibly through a single swivel block led back to the cockpit and secured) to adjust tack height, and clew to a turning block aft to a line bite. Launch it first on a very light wind day get a feel for how it flies, you have one fly it, once you do you will have a blast.

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    :plus: Warning: I'm afraid a big asym is a bit like crack; once you try it, you may never recover. On light wind days, our 'cruising code zero' makes the difference between sailing and motoring.

    You might take a look at Stingy's article at Particularly his pictures of turning blocks on the stern cleats. That system has worked well for me. I might mount them permanently someday, but a girth hitch around the cleats is easy.

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    You're having delusions of grandur now Gotta splash and do a 300 degree over jybe before spin talk.

    Id love to have your problem and that asym. It would be fantastic to haul that up in 10 mph wind. Not likeing the bowsprite for the 170 though, i imagine most owners ruin it when unloading the boat off/off the trailer.

    The bow eye is wayyy too high so the bow roller is really close to the bow rub rail, right where the bowsprite would go. Another piece to manage on set up and teardown.

    It would be good to get some kinda bowsprite though to get the luff off the jib.

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    Suggest hiring a rigger to look at what you have and go from there if you think one day you will use it. If not, sell it