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table hardware for saloon

Discussion in 'Cruising Sailors' started by richk, Apr 26, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. richk


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    I'm adding a table down below. It's smaller and more manageable for just the two of us. Already have the table top on order. Looking for the fitting to mount on bottom of table to mate with the pedestal. I'm having no luck finding one. The problem is the pedestal requires a 2 7/8 fitting. Any ideas?

  2. rgranger


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  3. Al Schober

    Al Schober

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    Lots of sites offering RV hardware - often identical to new construction sailboat hardware (surprise?).
    One thing we did to improve the utility of our table was to make it a drop leaf. During galley activities, one edge of the table would fold down (piano hinge) creating space. During dining, the edge would fold up, retained by a sliding bar underneath.
    Sorry, no photo.

  4. Ken Cross

    Ken Cross

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    I'd second the RV hardware. There are often RV supply places where you can actually handle the parts before you buy them.


  5. Tod


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    I'm a little late to the party, but here is something to consider:


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