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Table converts to bed

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by nwcoasters, Sep 13, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. nwcoasters


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    Hunter 380
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    Hi - We have a Hunter 380. The previous owners took out the original table (we do have it) and installed a smaller one. Is there a guide or directions I could access that would help us reinstall the original one and figure out how to raise and lower it? Thanks for any tips!

  2. Benny17441


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    Not sure about the table on the h380 but on the h320 we raised ours all the way to the cabin ceiling and drilled a hole in the mast support to use the pin to hold the table up there and out of the way. The Hunter tables even with the drop leaves are really in the way to move around the cabin. By raising the table out of the way the settees become couches and the way to the V-berth opens up to hallway. I understand the 380 may have wrap around seating with a much heavier table but perhaps someone else in the smaller boats can benefit from our modification. We sail with the table up and at night we just drop it all the way down to make the bed.

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