Switching to 6volt golf cart batteries in a hunter 36

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  1. ChrisCall


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    I've got a bad battery in my new to me 2004 hunter 36 . The batteries that are in there are 2 big D4 . I'm I'm thinking of switching to the 6 volt golf cart batteries wiring them in series. Has anyone done this on there hunter ? Did you need to do anything special beyond just wire them in series?

  2. Don S/V ILLusion

    Don S/V ILLusion

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    All you need is the space. Break out your tape measure.

  3. Justin_NSA


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    That was my reason for not doing it in my Hunter.
    You need twice the space to replace the 2 12v batteries....and the cost!

  4. Stu Jackson

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    Many folks have reported that two 6V golf cart batteries fit in the footprint of one big honkin' D. Much better solution for your back! Wire them properly and you're done. Don's right.

  5. shemandr


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    I was going to do that on my 356 but as I recall the 6v's were taller than the D4's and didn't fit in the battery box. There's plenty of room for a taller battery box but I kinda remember something about moving the fuses or needing new cables. Nevertheless I think it's a reasonable idea and had I kept the boat I might have done it. I think a lot of forum members have concluded that multiple smaller batteries are easier to deal with. Given how finicky batteries can be it may be better not to put a lot of money in any one battery.

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  7. ChrisCall


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    Thanks everyone . The batteries actually made my decision for me I went down to the boat and my number one battery wasn't holding a charge . So I went ahead it did replaced them with the 6volt golf cart batteries.

  8. Ron20324


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    How many 6s do you have?

  9. seadaddler


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    I did change to 4-6 volt batteries and put them under the starboard saloon table and did after I saw some one on here add them same place on 356 and all the heavy cable fit and did not need
    to add any more cable and also added a start battery.
    I have Gen in that same port locker in cockpit and moving batteries starboard help balance out
    my boat and also have2-195 watt solar panels off the arch.
    I even converted my helm winches to electric and also added Ocean Marine Davits on my 2007 H-36.

  10. jeff356


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    Went through the same decision making process and and got 4 x 125 ah lifelines that I am adding under the starboard dinette table. Going to leave my 2 105 ah batteries in the lazzerette but this should balance out that port lean. Also have a stainless sound shield enclosed 4.2kw gen so this will help out. Also have 75 amp charger to replace the 40 amp to faster charge the batteries when on the generator.