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Stove for i28

Discussion in 'Islander' started by Matchmaker, Feb 3, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Matchmaker


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    Islander 28
    US Oyster Bay, Long Island NY
    Does anyone know if there is a propane replacement available for the two burner alcohol stove in the i28? (Hillerange by Seaward). Mine looks real good, but doesn't work and I'd rather not spend the money fixing it.
    Thanks! Joe.

  2. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

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    US C34 San Francisco

  3. Benny17441


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    Hunter -
    US Tampa, FL
    It is not just picking up a propane stove, such a conversion would require a heavy investment ($$$). I would recommend a non pressurized alcohol stove like the Origo. The difference is in the fuels, propane does not dissipate, can be explosive and requires the installation of dedicated safety equipment and gadgets.

  4. pipedream


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    South P10
    Us Pugetopolis Pugetopolis
    IF you are used to a pressurized alcohol stove, the parts to rebuild are easy to obtain and repair. I like them, and have used them on and off the water for years. You can find fuel everywhere, at an affordable price.

    That said, many people think alcohol is either too complicated or too old fashioned. It's your boat and your money, used propane stoves can be had cheap. Cheap and dependable propane?

    Well, going back to the beginning of this message, take a second look at alcohol. Google up the parts you need and other blogs about using them.

    Good luck

  5. Benny17441


    Joined May 24, 2004
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    Hunter -
    US Tampa, FL
    It all depends on your budget, perhaps you can repair your alcohol pressurized stove with $100 or purchase an alcohol no-pressurized stove for around $300 or upgrade to a propane system for around $1,300. My choice would be the non pressurized stove as it does not require priming and is not susceptible to flare ups.

  6. druid


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    The main cost of propane is getting the "system" done a la ABYC (tank box, regulator, solenoid, sniffer, gauge...). While I prefer propane (it's MUCH hotter than alcohol) it's not the cheapest solution. A cheap but non-ABYC solution is to use a propane camp-stove ( I screwed mine onto the galley counter). But I think your best bet would be a non-pressurized alcohol stove.


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