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Stern Swim Ladder

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by Luigi, Jan 11, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Luigi


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    Hunter Legend 43
    AU Sydney
    Hi folks,

    I own a 1991 Legend 43. When I Purchased the boat the original swim ladder was no longer there. Does anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement without sourcing directly from Hunter Yachts?


  2. JamesG161


    Joined Feb 14, 2014
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    Hunter 430
    US Waveland, MS
    Dont limit yourself to just the H43. My H430 ladder looks to fit also. I suspect most Hunters from 36 and up would work. Mine appears to be a standard ladder that could fit many brands and models.

  3. smokey73


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    Hunter 40.5
    US Beaufort, SC
    You may want to check with Al on the SBO site here. He has been able to source parts for me or have them fabricated at a reasonable price (at least in boat $$$ anyway).

  4. Tipsynippertoo


    Joined Jul 1, 2017
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    Hunter 356
    UK Brightlingsea
    I don't know about your 43, but the 356 has a major design fault with the swim ladder: If you have the "seat"/walk through down it covers the ladder, you have to step through, close the seat and deploy the ladder. Not good design IMHO, especially if you had left the seat down and fell overboard.
    It should be designed to pull out aft, then be able to fold down, with seat up or down.....on my todo list. If you were to have one fabricated I would consider a different design, not that difficult.

  5. thubbard84


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    Hunter 36
    US Des Moines, WA
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    Hunter Ad Bot

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  7. Crazy Dave Condon

    Crazy Dave Condon

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    US Anywhere USA
    Al use to be employed at the old Hunter which many of us knew him from and last job was in retail sales and is very knowledgeable and tries to get parts for you. Others toinclude Dave groshong and others also have demonstrated helping many here as well. Give them a chance