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standard main on furling mast for racing only?

Discussion in 'Racing' started by danstanford, Oct 4, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. danstanford


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    Beneteau 323
    CA Cobourg
    I had someone suggest I use a full battened standard main on the track of my furling mast to enhance the performance of my boat for club racing. It makes some real sense to go this way rather than investing lots of money in a high tech furling main for not much return in some ways. I can see a few issues including what to do with the sail on non-race nights!
    If the intent is to add some roach, would the sail hoist less to prevent contact with the backstay?
    Any other thoughts/problems?

  2. DayDreamer41


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    Hunter 41 DS
    Un Michigan Port Huron
    Interesting, (2) sets of rigging on the boom (outhaul & reefing), if you had to put a reef in the sail how easily would you be able to ease the halyard in order to reduce the sail area?

  3. Rick D

    Rick D

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    Don't you already have a rating allowance for your furling main? Would it be more cost effective to get a furling main that had some vertical battens to regain some roach?

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