Stanchion design for 385

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  1. RussellBen


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    I just purchased a new (2017) Catalina 385. In general, I love the boat, but I have found one issue that I consider a design flaw. The stanchions midships are canted slightly outboard, so that the top of each one is about an inch outside the rub rail. As a result, if you brush by a piling in a narrow slip, the stanchion catches on the piling, rather than the boat being fended off by the rub rail. This creates an obvious risk of bent stanchions or worse. I’m wondering about putting a shim under the base of the stanchions so that they point straight up. Has anyone else had this problem?

  2. Joe


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    A shim would work..... or you could attach a fender to the stanchion. But truthfully, I think your fears are unfounded. The life line would hit the piling first and protect the stanchion... plus push the boat away before the rub rail makes contact. The piling would have to be pretty small diameter to snag the 1 inch space given by the outboard leaning stanchion.

    But hey... it's a new boat, why don't you call your dealer or customer service at the Catalina factory and voice your concerns.

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  3. RussellBen


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    Thanks, John. Actually, the first time I backed out of my very narrow slip, one of the stanchions did hang up on a piling. Fortunately not enough to bend the stanchion, but enough to scare me. For now, I’m just going to have to be more careful. In the longer run, I am going to consider shims.

  4. kloudie1


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    H-34 has same thing with stanchions.. You love it when she's heeled a bit and you go forward.. keeps the walkway clearer .. Yup, I have bent a couple..

  5. Monterey385


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    Welcome to the 385 family ... we’re hull 61 and absolutely love her. In three years I never noticed the stanchion position until your post but we have the upgraded rub rail option so perhaps that’s why (extra couple of inches of clearance). She handles so well you may find you simply adjust to their position over time.

  6. Doug4bass


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    All Catalinas I have had had the midship stanchions canted outward somewhat.
    We also have the rubrail option. The dealer tried to talk us out of it. I cant imagine the boat without one.
    Here in the great state of Michigan someone has decided that all state piers should have 5X5
    wood uprights spaced about every 8 feet or so. To protect THIER piers. A pain in the butt.
    I use 10X22 fenders X 4 on our 385. Seems to work. Not sure how badly your stanchion is bent, but Catalina parts have them. A friend with a C-28 was able to bend his back in place. will love that boat.

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