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so much mainsail twist on the VOR65s

Discussion in 'Sail Trim with Don Guillette' started by danstanford, Jun 14, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. danstanford


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    Was looking at the photos and footage of the VOR boats beam reaching if the waves were showing the wind direction...I cannot be sure, but the flat top main was twisted all the way to 90 degrees to the centerline of the boat. The boom was out about 30 degrees so that makes 60 degrees of twist!
    Is it that we cannot see this on our own boats due to the shape at the head or am I not using enough twist? For sure the top tell-tales were flowing correctly and in one shot the windex looked like it was showing 180 degrees apparent.
    They were under triple headsails at the time so I am guessing the lower portions of the sail would need to be way twisted due to the effect of the headsails.
    Not sure if there is a question in there....sorry

  2. Ross S

    Ross S

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    Can you post a photo or a link that shows what you were looking at?

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