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Discussion in 'Day Sailers' started by Kyedmcc, Apr 26, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Kyedmcc


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    O'day 25 cb
    Jane Dancer US Mosquito Creek
    New owner of 25CB with 2 cycle 15hp zephyr saildrive and I have not ran it yet. I was wondering how much vibration and how loud it is with water lift exhaust? Thanks

  2. kloudie1


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    US Mandeville Louisiana
    If the engine mounts are OK and installed correctly, they vibrate very little.. The water lift muffler quietens it a bit less more (less noise) than a normal 15 HP outboard. Make sure the intake air silencer is OK as well..
    EDIT: Will vibrate if not running on both cylinders or cylinders aren't "balanced" (bad rings on one, bad plug, bad reed plate, etc)

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