Shaft log size on a 1991 Passage 42?

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    Hello all, I'm looking for the prop shaft log size on our 1991 Hunter Passage 42. We plan to haul out for a bottom job here in the next month and I plan to change the packing gland over to a drip less. So I would like to order the new unit before so I'm not held up waiting. I know we have an 1 1/4" shaft. But I do not find any info on the size of the stern tube.
    I'm planning on installing the PYI Inc PSS shaft seal. I see that they make 4 different sizes. Starting with 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4" and 2 1/2". And if you have a sister to our boat you know how hard it is to see it let alone try and measure it.
    Thank you for any help!


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    Hey Dean,

    I know this is an ancient post, but it came up when I searched and I am also in need of the same answer...

    Assuming you did end up installing a PSS dripless, what size shaft log fits?


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    Do you have any advice on how to open or tighten the stern gland on the Passage 42 as my guys in the boat yard are having problems

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    Malcolm - I repacked my stern gland last year and agree it was tough to get it to open up. I soaked its connection with 'PB Blaster' and then using large pipe wrenches and a 2 lb hammer managed to break it free. It too 2 pipe wrenches opposing each other one of which I wedged in place with 2x4 cut to length.

    It only takes a little corrosion to bind it up. Obviously you must be very careful not to damage anything and inspect the stern log hose and clamps. - Jim