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Seidelmann 245 parts, drawings, details needed

Discussion in 'Seidelmann' started by gwort, Jan 7, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

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    Seidelmann 245
    TEMPO US Chicago
    I recently got a 1982 Seidelmann 245. It does not have a boom or tiller or outboard motor or motor mount. If you have any of these things please respond. Or, if you have detail drawings showing the boom dimensions so I can get another brand that fits. Also if you have a tiller that you could send a drawing of, I could make one. What Hp motor is good for this boat? How long of a shaft should it have and what kind of motor mount is the best? I also have to redo the liner. The existing liner is hanging down and the insulation under it is brittle and crumbling. Any advice there would be appreciated. I found a general drawing of the boat on the web but any more detailed drawings would be helpful. I'm open to any other advice for a new Se

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