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Seaward vs. Catalina vs. ??

Discussion in 'Ask All Sailors' started by catalanc, Jul 10, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

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    @Kermit is absolutely correct, I will get all philosophical and,
    I couldn't disagree more. Navy and work boat boating is the most illogical reason for boating. If you aren't enjoying it, it makes no sense at all. Sure, we need those other two examples of boating life, but only because we want to continue to enjoy life. If that isn't it, if enjoying life is unreasonable, than life is unreasonable and we can all skip it and go back to being simple, unaware, electro-chemical processes in a universe that is just chaos, void, that doesn't exist. Logic should lead us to boating for pleasure because we are aware, because the universe was created out of a sense of "lila" (joy).

    - Will ("philosopher", Dragonfly)

  2. Kermit


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    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

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  3. Jackdaw


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    You guys are mind numbing.

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  4. jssailem


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    @catalanc the boat should reflect where and how you want to sail. I have a great boat for my sailing area. I am no longer into racing my boat. I’ll race on other boats but my boat is for enjoyment. There are small shallow bays and the 4.8 foot keel let’s me get in and out. There are days when you want to go straight into the wind. A good engine let’s you go up the channels against the wind. Then when the wind. Blows having several sail options and reefing let’s you adapt to the experience. On Dillon I’d look at what gives you the most fun and excites you when you board her.

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  5. Crazy Dave Condon

    Crazy Dave Condon

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    The Catalina 250 came in both the wing keel and water ballast having introduced both in Annapolis for Catalina

  6. rgranger


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    I know it is kind of weird to quote yourself but I wanted to amend this statement. It is important to keep your boat moving under sail. Motoring into chop will make for a very uncomfortable ride. A sailboat that is sailing will slice through chop. Back in 2010, my son and I got caught out in the Albemarle sound with a steady 25 wind out of the west. That sound is shallow so the chop builds up to about 3' spaced about 4'-5' apart. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE if you are just sitting in it. Luckily for me, I had three different headsails so I hanked on the small one, took two reefs in the main and we were fine. We had a blast. Starboard rail was about 2" above the water and we sliced across the sound in no time. I also saw a Seward 22' on a parallel tack about a mile to my port. They were motoring. Their boat spent more time bobbing up and crashing down, than going forward. I really felt for those guys, .... if they would have simply hoisted the headsail, they would have had a much smoother ride.

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