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SBO format

Discussion in 'Ask A Macgregor Owner' started by walt, Feb 3, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. walt


    Joined Jun 1, 2007
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    Macgregor 26S Hobie TI, Capri Coronado 15
    US Denver, Colorado
    Phil driving the SBO boat trying to keep us all happy..


  2. Kermit


    Joined Jul 31, 2010
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    Hunter 260
    US Lake Murray Sailing Club, SC
    Now that’s funny right there! And eerily accurate!!!!!!

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  3. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

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    O'Day 19
    US Littleton, NH
    Which one's Phil?

    Uh, Ah... I mean..., Phil is driving..., of course, so ... who's the the other guy? :doh:

    - Will ("sorry Phil:biggrin:", Dragonfly)

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