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sailing aeolus - 1966 caravelle yawl

Discussion in 'Alden General Chat' started by jon hansen, May 30, 2012. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. TaborKP!


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    Jon, looks like you have 4 jib halyards is that correct? Did you retrofit an updated headbox on your mast to accomadate them, or just mount blocks.

  2. jon hansen

    jon hansen

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    john alden caravelle 42
    us sturgeon bay, wis
    i have not changed the mast head in any way. there are three shives, middle one for main, two outside wheels for two different length jib halyards (wire to rope). my club footed jib and my storm jib are much shorter than all the gennies. then the other two halyards you see are for the spinnakers. there are two prongs that come off the head the have blocks for such. we never rigged the second until we started racing the 'mac' races in the 90's. if we dropped the halyard during during the race we had no recourse. there is absolutely no reason to have the second spinnaker halyard still rigged for the last 15 yrs but there it still is. my bad :(

  3. jssailem


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    Thanks Tom. I like the modifications. I am looking to be able to do such post image modifications when it will improve the image. I have been limited to the image I take.

  4. TomY

    TomY Alden Forum Moderator

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    When you shoot in jpeg, the camera post processes the image automatically as well as compresses the file size(0-2MB file).

    The result is usually great especially for posting online. A simple photo program like Apple Preview - that can size the image - can also tweak the light levels and saturation to make a big improvement to a poorly lit jpeg shot.

    I shoot in RAW setting on the camera. RAW images have all the original image data in every pixel(20-30MB files). Without processing, RAW images look 'half baked', lifeless.

    Sort of like shooting in jpeg is sending your 35mm film out for processing at the drug store. Shooting in RAW is more like processing your film in your own darkroom.

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