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Sail dimensions

Discussion in 'Day Sailers' started by julu44, Feb 18, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. julu44


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    Oday 25
    FR Lesconil
    je have a O'Day 25, I live in France and I want change my Génoa (Head sail) but here the company don't know the O'Day 25.
    To day, my Génoa is 150% (Luff 830 cm / Leech 845 cm / Foot 565 cm) but I want more little and I know thjere is 130 % and 100 %.
    How and where can I have the dimensions of there ?
    Do you have them ?
    Sorry about my English
    Best regards

  2. Calif. Ted

    Calif. Ted

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    US Dana Point

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  3. Joe


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    julu44... I encourage you to read C Ted's link carefully..... not only the sail inventory page, but especially the "measuring guide" page listed in the top left hand column.

    The sail size is expressed in percentage terms by comparing its area with that of the boat's foretriangle area...
    sail area (1/2 LP x L) divided by fore triangle area(1/2 J x I). This can all be reduced by simply comparing the sail's LP to the boat's J. So... if you have a sail whose Luff Perpendicular (LP) is the same as your boat's J (foredeck length) then it will be a 100% jib. The percentage has nothing to do with how much the sail overlaps the mast.... it is purely an expression of comparing the sail's area with that of the fore triangle.

    Note.... the luff dimension will play a role in area calculation, of course, but the other two... foot and leech .... describe the "shape" of the sail.

  4. Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit

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  5. PhotonMuse


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    Let's not forget Rudy Nickerson at D&R Marine - the ODAY guru. (Rudy Nickerson<

  6. julu44


    Joined Nov 26, 2012
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    Oday 25
    FR Lesconil
    Thanks for all yours answers, I look them and come back if I have other questions.
    Best regards

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