Russian Sailboat

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  1. Michael Davis

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    ....and likely a lot more fun to sail!

  2. PotomacDaysailer


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    Seriously, if I had a half-billion to design and build, and a crew of 50 to sail her, I'd build something modeled on Cutty Sark. And just like the A, she'd be capable of 22 kts.

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  3. Will Gilmore

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    Funny you should say that because I've been thinking the same thing, only it would be something like captain Kidd's Adventure. Either way, I'd indulge my fantasies, not build for pure luxury and ostentation. I do like the underwater viewing station and the submarine though.

    -Will (Dragonfly)

  4. agprice22


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    With half a billion to play with, I would build a time machine, go back to 16 and sail my Laser off the beach in Boca Raton again. There was never more pure sailing pleasure than that for me.

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  5. Gene Neill

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    I always liked the lines of the Maltese Falcon, even without canvas up. Also the Black Pearl ...




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  6. NotCook


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    I pretty much always find futuristic looking boats ugly. Give me the classic lines - sail or motor.

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    OMG! What does it take to raise that main! :yikes:

  9. Will Gilmore

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    -Will ("compromise", Dragonfly)

  10. lehighsail


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    OK, too many negatives. I am not putting in a bid.

  11. Gunni


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    Stay away from ol’ Andrey, he’s on the U.S. Treasury sanctions list. A buddy to Pootie-Poot. You do business with him and you’ll have more problems than Paul Manafort!

  12. Daveinet


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    Damaged a few pilings in the wind.
    Something I'm always curious about - When have that large of a sail, how does it really work correctly. As we know, a very high percentage of the lift is generated in the 1st 3rd of the leading edge of the sail. If so, what does the back half the sail do? Add drag? Especially if it is curved enough to actually be pushing against the forward movement of the boat.

  13. rgranger


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  14. kloudie1


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    Down in Ft. Lauderdale to help a friend deliver his 53 foot Hattaras Sedan, we saw some real beauties from Perini-Navi.. They build pretty stuff.. The one we saw several years ago was a ketch, probably around 120 feet.. We spoke to a couple of the crew in a little bar.. Nice folks sailing a beauty of a boat... most of the time, they were sailing without the owner aboard as they shuttled the boat amongst various destinations..

  15. Justin_NSA


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    Wouldn't that be a sweet job for a few years.

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  16. Gunni


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    We were anchored off White Bay at Peter Island, BVI a few years ago and ran the dink up on the beach to scout for a dinner location (no dice, the place is pretty exclusive). Standing at the waterline in shorts and sandals, a launch appeared with a crew of 6 and two well dressed old-timers, man and woman seated in matching lounge chairs. Those kind of lounge chairs you see in old colonial British movies where the Pasha of Wherever is carried by the palace slaves. I nudged my mate and said ‘we gotta see this’. They beached the launch and two guys in crisp summer whites jumped into knee-deep water to steady the boat. Then with the precision of an honor guard the other crew in similar summer whites stepped into the water, hoisted the chairs by their handles and carried the Lord and Lady to the beach. Both were nicely dressed in their resort wear. She looked to have 400 sq. feet of silk blowing in the warm trade winds. Both gave us a glance, nod and warm smile. We mustered an embarrassed smile, clearly underdressed for the parade. Think that was as close as I ever got to royalty. The crew loaded back into the launch, soggy summer whites, soggy white shoes along with their gilded lounges and returned to ship. The rich really are different.

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  17. capta


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    Got aboard one of those in Suva Fiji in the mid-seventies. The crew was really nice, the vodka flowed freely and the caviar was salty. But anytime one of us Americans strayed a bit too close to the tarp-covered equipment on deck, there was a Russian between us and the tarped item.
    At one point, when the captain was showing us the bridge the phone rang and the captain apologized saying that the political officer (who obviously was monitoring the goings on) did not want us to see their charts and we must leave the bridge.
    All in all, it was a huge eye-opener for an American who was fed a lot of untrue propaganda about Russia in the '50s and '60s.

  18. Justin_NSA


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    How did you manage to get aboard one? I have a few photos of our Phantoms escorting Russian Bears that were in the same airspace. Nothing dramatic.
    It's funny how different Navies deal with alcohol on board ship. In the USN it was about the biggest crime you could commit. We were warned when we deployed with them. One time we docked in Yokosuka to avoid a typhoon. An Aussie ship was next to us. We partied in the bars with them. The next morning you could see the flight deck littered with sailors passed out on their deck. That would not happen on a USS.

  19. Captain Larry-DH

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    check out Meteor [​IMG]

  20. Joe


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    In the royal navy, a British tar's daily tot of rum...or wine in the Med... was/is a tradition... however, drunkenness was a severe punishable offense.. as in lashes with the cat. It was common to drink a weakened form of beer or grog with meals because the water would often be foul.

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