Replace Hunter 28.5 cabin soul

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    Looking to replace the inside cabin soul as most of it is water logged and rotting. Is there a way to do this with ease? or do you have to pull out the old stuff and measure it all and send it to some one to do or could you do this your self? Asking for a friend......

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    It's 3/4 inch marine ply, teak and holly, kind of a specialized product, but widely available, you will have to use the old pieces for a pattern, let me know if you can't find it locally.

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    The destination for a "soul" depends on the belief system of the person asking....
    If asking about the teak and holly sole pieces, you will need to make a pattern and cut new pieces out some Very Expensive sheets of plywood.
    In these here modernistic times, you could also use some new-fangled synthetic teak and holly surface material that looks surprisingly real, and will never need refinishing....
    Just one link of several found on the 'net:

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    "Water Logged and Rotted" Get rid of all of it . Weather you go with the Teak/holly ply or the synthetic panel your first have to make a template of the new sole. Use a foam core panel available from art supply houses, I'm not sure of the technical name for the stuff, but it's what architects use to build presentation models

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    Thanks guys. Needed the point in the right direction to get me going. Found a local lumber guy with the teak/holly 4x8 sheets. will make a template of it and then look for a master woodworker to cut. The synthetic stuff comes in planks and snaps together. I don't think I could use it to do the sole....unless they sell it in in 4x8 as well. I have yet to find some one that does.

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    Interesting $ number with the Plasteak product. Its listed at $50/linear foot and sold only in 6 foot wide rolls. So an 8 foot lenght would cost $400. That equates to about $266 for an equivalent 4X8 and then you have to add the cost of a 4X8 sheet of marnine grade plywood at $75 or so. That takes the cost of the Plasteak at $341 for an equivalent 4X8 sheet which is more expensive than premiumTeak & Holly plywood. Of course the Teak and Holly Plasteak product won't be as easily damaged on the veneer side as the Teak & Holly Plywood but the underlying plywood substrate for the Plasteak is just as easily affected by moisture. For me, I'm more of a tradionalist so I'll stick with the all wood premium Teak & Holly plywood product (which I can get for $275 per 4X8 sheet.) PM me if you want info on where I can get this for that price. I plan on replacing much of my cabin sole this coming summer or winter.

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    Thanks for all the input. Have a friend who knows a guy who does this kind of work so going to stick with the all wood. Pulled all the boards up today and what a mess! Cant wait to get the new ones in so the boat looks good as new. Already smells cleaner!!There are a couple of screws that are now stuck in the fiber glass of the boat as they have rusted apart. Away of getting them out or a hole punch to just pop em through the hole work okay?

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    So happy you found the “soul” of your boat.

    Here is an idea for a cabin sole.


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    You may want to check out this link to get an almost rot proof sole, that looks beautiful.


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    Any one know how to get this last one out? With out having to tear down the boat?

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    Now that’s done..... what next....

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