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Raymarne ST60+ Instruments

Discussion in 'Parts Search' started by Miles Hutchinson, Feb 6, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Miles Hutchinson

    Miles Hutchinson

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    US St James City, FL (Pine Island) St James City, FL
    I would like to purchase a replacement for my wind instrument. Mine has two very small components on the circuit board that are "burned" or corroded.
    Anyone interested in selling an ST60+ or i60 (preferred), please contact me at 785-876-2426.

    Alternative: anyone able to repair mine as Raymarine no longer repairs them.

  2. Bill Roosa

    Bill Roosa

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    US Harrington Harbor North, MD
    Never underestimate a sailor. If you can identify the components (and they are not surface mount types) you can replace them!!!!!!!! Low wattage soldering iron in hand unsolder the "bad" components. But first (I hate it when they do that) write down where each of the components go. Go to mouser or digikey and order the parts. Faint when you see the shipping charge. wait for delivery. take the delivered parts and solder them in.
    This is not as big a deal as it would appear. Most components have their specs on the item. Also check the circuit board and any documentation that might be available.
    I've done this with lots of electronical stuff, furnaces motherboards, boat instruments, auto ........... none of this is rocket science guys and it is not that expensive (except for shipping) and think of the street creds you will have when you say "yea, the capacitor in the control head went south so I just replaced it"... ;-)

  3. Miles Hutchinson

    Miles Hutchinson

    Joined Feb 6, 2017
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    Hunter 376
    US St James City, FL (Pine Island) St James City, FL
    Thanks Bill. I will pursue repairs.

  4. Miles Hutchinson

    Miles Hutchinson

    Joined Feb 6, 2017
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    Hunter 376
    US St James City, FL (Pine Island) St James City, FL
    I will try to post a photo of the damage on the circuit board in hopes someone can name the crusty items I need to replace. Otherwise, I have no idea how to find them at mouser or digikey. I will look for help to describe the items in at least basic terms. Then there are measurements to determine (e.g. resistance). I would very much like to do this. Thanks.

  5. Ted


    Joined Jan 26, 2005
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    US Bay Shore, Long Island, NY
    Got one. PM sent

  6. twalker H260

    twalker H260

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    CA winnipeg, Manitoba

  7. Jackdaw


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    Good point. But two things complicate this.

    1) Most modern devices (like the ST60) use SMT (Surface Mount Technology) in their electronic printed circuit boards. The SMT versions of electric components cannot be soldered or unsoldered by hand. These require a specialized tool designed for the size of the component. These SMT parts are smaller, more reliable, and faster to assemble their their old-school thru-board versions.

    2) Often a burned component is downstream electronically of the actual part that failed, causing the unlucky one to burn. So replacing that one will often cause it to burn again.

    But that being said, no harm having a go, its already dead! And it you're lucky, the part that 'gave up the ghost' is a traditional thru-board part.

  8. LeslieTroyer


    Joined May 20, 2016
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    Catalina 36 MK1
    US Sammamish, WA Everett, WA
    You can do SMT at home. Most folks don't have a hot air rework station. Mine was 150 iirc. I use it for doing new work as many new components only come in SMT format. Some descrete components can be removed and replaced with a small iron. Break the part to be removed and then remove pieces with iron and tweezers

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