Racor 500 Filter

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    Unfortunately, I believe you are going to have to pull the tank, cut some access ports, clean the bio-growth and install plates:

    An installed drop tube with fitting to fit an oil extractor would allow you to periodically remove tank bottoms (water). Pumps emulsify water, so it would be best to have the pump AFTER the filter. Draw the fuel with water into the filter and let it do it’s job. My tank has a drain plug at the low point, which could be fitted with a petcock for draining tank bottoms.

    Believe those Catalina tanks are baffled and that bio growth will dog you until it is scrubbed out. Biobor really does seem to prevent it, but it won’t dissolve it.

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  2. Ralph Johnstone

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    My Racor 110A was mounted in the worst location possible right from the factory ......... right over a run of wires and hoses. Near impossible to change the filter element without many, many rags and poly sheet to protect what's underneath. Finally got around to re-locating the filter further back in an aft compartment as shown:

    Fuel Filter and Lift pump R.jpg

    Only 1/2" under the filter now but unscrew the nuts holding the filter in place and work with the filter sitting in your lap. Double nuts (shown) were only temporary - nylock nuts now hold the filter body in place.

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    You are preaching to the wrong group. C310 owners make modifications all the time.

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    It's highly likely that the tank on the 310 is the same as most of the Catalina's. Inaccessible beyond "you can see it" and not a likely candidate for access ports.

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    Quite true!

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