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Question 1986C&C 35 Mk3

Discussion in 'C&C' started by robtack, Jun 3, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. robtack


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    C&C 35 Mk 3
    Karolina Un Newburgh NY
    Hi everyone I'm new to C&C forum. I'm looking very seriously to purchase 1986 C&C 35 Mk3.
    I would like to ask owners of their experience (in terms of sailing , build qualities). with this specific model? After reading some other forum posts some owners mentioned requirements of Rebedding and torquing Keel bolts every few years.( fairing Keel-Hull joint almost every year) Is this applying to every C&C 35 Mk3 boat? Please post any insights to help me to make decision?
    Tank you All

  2. sailboatracer


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    US NY
    I'm not an owner of a C&C 35-3 but have crewed on one for many years. In general, C&C built great boats. They pioneered many manufacturing techniques and their designs were ahead of their time. Their boats were generally of high quality and although are getting on in age, have held up well. They are fast boats and go to weather better than most production boats past and present. Torquing keel bolts is a common maintenance item on all boats and is not specific to C&C models. Some of the C&C models have the forward most keel boat located under the mast. You might have to lift the mast in order to torque it.

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