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Purasan EX Installation Question

Discussion in 'Marine Plumbing and Sanitation' started by RockTiger, Feb 3, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. RockTiger


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    I am a long time lurker on the site. I have found great advice here thanks to all.

    I am replacing the sanitation system in a sailboat and upgrading the heads. I have read Peggies book cover to cover and the installation manuals for the various devices. I have been researching the Purasan EX and I feel really good about the installation and I have a pretty good understanding of how to get this thing in our boat.

    I do have a quick question. I have been unable to get this answered through the Raritan manuals and I have scoured the forums and internet.

    Question: The Raritan Purasan EX owners manual refers to a 1 1/2" outlet for the device. My available underwater line through hull is 1". Can I reduce this down out of the device and use the 1" through hull?

    It is important because I can use the old 1" discharge line, however, I wouldn't want to do that if it would somehow back up the device or prevent it from working. If it won't work, that would require us to haul the boat and that is very involved and would probably require me to stay with the holding tanks.

    Thanks in advance for advice.

  2. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Peggie Hall HeadMistress

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    Glad you decided to stop lurking and start participating...welcome aboard!

    My book doesn't answer this question, but I hope you've other useful information in it...and I'm always glad to answer any questions it doesn't.

    Weeelll...After a little brainstorming with myself.... Directions say that waste comes into the PuraSan via 1.5" hose from the toilet....discharges by pushing an amount equal to the volume of incoming waste out the discharge fitting on the top of the tank. So, if my logic holds up....If your toilet has a 1" discharge line (Raritan toilet discharge fittings can accept both 1" and 1.5"hose, so your toilet may need a new fitting if the current one will only accept 1.5"), a 1" discharge line on the PuraSan shouldn't be a problem, but because the inlet fitting on the PuraSan is also 1.5", you'd prob'ly need a 1"-1.5" reducing adapter to connect the 1" line to it. Or maybe not...

    Time to go the person who will know exactly what you need to do: My go-to person at Raritan is Mac McCoy in their Ft. Lauderdate facility...give him a call Monday morning...his direct line is 954-525-0378 x 306 He can answer any other questions you have about installing a PuraSan too.

    If you're keeping your tank, you may want to consider adding the Hold 'n' Treat controls to the system. It will allow you use the PuraSan to empty the tank Raritan HoldnTreat controls.


  3. RockTiger


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    Un Charleston
    Thank you so much for your answer. I will explore those controls. I was planning on leaving those guts in there in case the environmental laws change.

    My lines from my toilets are 1.5, so I should be ok on that side. I'm planning on putting in a Marine Elegance and new manual head to replace the $99 toilets that are in it.

    Your advice on the internet has been much appreciated. I can guarantee you that my project would have been sideways if I hadn't of bought your book and lurked about.

  4. jssailem


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    Rock... Welcome to the forum. you would choose the best to answer your query. Maybe it proves that lurking can be a good thing.

    Now share your boat and your sailing ideas with the rest of us.... Good luck on your sanitation project. It sure sounds like you on the right path with the correct information.

    Peggie Rocks....

  5. FastOlson


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    One caveat is that the actual inside diameter (ID) of these systems will not match the hose ID. Remember that the hose fits over a metal or composite nipple and that this fitting will have a smaller ID thru which the waste passes.
    For instance, your present thru hull 1" fitting, if it is for attaching a 1" hose....... will be smaller on the inside.
    The whole system might work fine, but just be aware that the narrowest part of the system does limit the possible flow.
    In addition, the actually capacity will be reduced by both total length of the discharge hoses and fittings, and the number of 90 degrees turns imposed by various fittings.

    But do not despair.... just follow Peggy's advice and you'll likely be fine. My cautions are more aimed at (re)designing the system to keep pressures as low as possible. When you pump the head and the handle hesitates due to 'something' that is resisting passage, you do not want to force a hose off of a fitting! :(

    And, double clamp ALL hoses!

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