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  1. dfast7181


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    The anode on my 2005 C-387 keeps coming off. I have tried lock-tight and lock washers but it still comes off. I have been diving under the boat every month or so and every time the anode and the retaining screw are gone. Any ideas?
    By the way, To all who posted on my oil leak problem thanks for the input. I still have not found the problem, even baffled Yanmar, but when I track down the source I'll let everyone know.

  2. Maine Sail

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    If this is a shaft anode you should begin checking for a DC leak or the prop, strut and shaft are all at risk..

  3. Ralph Johnstone

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    Until you do find the cause of the problem (assuming excessive corrosion) install another anode close to the first and even a zinc fish over the side just to be safe.

  4. dfast7181


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    Catalina 387
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    Thank you for the input. I have been using the "fish" but it shows little or no corrosion. Unfortunately there is no room for any other anodes between the prop and the skeg where the shaft/tube comes out of the hull. (and no strut) The anode attaches to the end of the shaft and screws into the end of the shaft/prop nut. I don't think corrosion is the problem I think it unscrews after shifting from forward to reverse to forward etc.

  5. jssailem


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    Dfast. Maybe changing the style of anode would help. Try the donut style.
    It might fit in the space you have.

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