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Pop Top Latch Clips for Original and "New Design" Catalina 22

Discussion in 'Catalina 22' started by Leeward Rail, Jul 10, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Leeward Rail

    Leeward Rail

    Joined Mar 20, 2015
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    Catalina 22 New Style
    CA SHYC, Lake Winnipeg
    Hello all,

    I was at the local store today, looking for some boat stuff, and happened to notice that they sold these clips. They will hold the pop top hatch dog handles up, when raising and lowering the pop top.

    CD sells similar, but the local guy was cheaper once I added shipping.

    SBO sell them too, so if you want to buy them online, I'd get them from the guys who host this forum.

    "Beckson Clipper Clips"

    Part# "CLP- 3/4" works perfectly.
    Black, 5/8 in. to 7/8 in. Holding Range

    I bought 2 pair and eight #6 x 1/2 stainless screws to hold them on the pop top.

    As an added bonus, the CD clips apparently need spacers under the clip for some reason. As you can see from the photo below, these do not. Simply mark the position and screw them into place.
    It took me 15 minutes to install 4 of them.

    $10 and 15 minutes. That seems likes a good deal to minimize the POS factor.


    pop top clips installed.jpg

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  2. w4swk


    Joined Mar 23, 2015
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    1991 Catalina 22 Wing Keel
    15202 US Nocona
    Good find!!!! Those things are a pain in the ...!

  3. Gene Neill

    Gene Neill

    Joined Sep 30, 2013
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    C-22, Albin Vega
    US central Florida
    Those might be my new boat hook holders. ;)

  4. T_Cat


    Joined Aug 8, 2014
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    Catalina 22 1987 New Design. 14133 "LadyHawke"
    US Modesto CA
    I bought 4 but haven't installed. Another 8 holes bothers me

  5. Leeward Rail

    Leeward Rail

    Joined Mar 20, 2015
    1,597 posts, 379 likes
    Catalina 22 New Style
    CA SHYC, Lake Winnipeg
    I can't see ever removing them, and the holes are only inside so no leak risks.

  6. rpludwig


    Joined May 23, 2016
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    Catalina 22 #12502
    US BSC
    +1, been looking for a good spot to stow that boat hook
    aside from the poptop, also useful on the front hatch dogs on < 86 models....PITA there too...but alas, more holes, everything a compromise...

  7. $tingy Sailor

    $tingy Sailor

    Joined Jul 23, 2013
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    1981 Catalina 22 #10330
    US Bayview, ID
    If you prefer metal hardware to plastic like I do, get the Perko clips and never worry about them breaking.

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  8. Leeward Rail

    Leeward Rail

    Joined Mar 20, 2015
    1,597 posts, 379 likes
    Catalina 22 New Style
    CA SHYC, Lake Winnipeg
    Agreed. Stainless is better for durability.
    The 5/8" ID Perkos stick out 1 1/2 inches. The Becksons are smaller and have rounded ends, so I returned the Perkos.
    Not a big issue due to their location, but the less metal edges I can possibly mash my head into, on these small boats, the better.
    SBO's product info for the beckson even tries to sell them on that point: "The safety design reduces the potential hazard for injury present with pointed or sharp edged metal clips."

    I had considered fabricating my own metal ones, with rubber coated arms that reused the hatch dog's mounting bolts. Exact fit and no new holes, but I took the easier route. hehe

    For those wanting the Perko ones, the SBO store also has them.

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