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Pole topping lift and kicker

Discussion in 'Catalina 309 Group Forum' started by TWM, Feb 12, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. TWM


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    Catalina 309
    Au Newport NSW Australia Newport
    We have been cruising TWM and are now entering a few casual races with some success. Currently when poling our the head sail we use the mast head halyard to lift the pole. Has anyone fitted a topping lift and kicker and how have you set these up. TWM

  2. jssailem


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    CAL 35 Cruiser
    US Salem, Moored Port Everett WA
    Sorry your query went with out a response.
    This type of rigging is not limited to Catalina boats. It is a realatively simply project.
    Here is an basic image outlining the parts you need to install.
    The design is for a "Spinnaker Pole" which has a track on the bow side of the mast. You likely have just a hard point loop where you attache your pole. That is ok as you do not need a level spar as is needed for the spinnaker.
    Here is a look at the block you will need attached to the mast above the pole to life the pole. The halyard will run down the mast to a turning block at the mast base then back to your cockpit.
    If you want to get fancy you can add a "Foreguy" to pull the pole down. This also runs to the mast base and a turning block then back to the cockpit along the topping lift halyard.
    You will be able to raise and lower the pole. The foresail sheets provide you forward and aft control of the sail. To gybe or tack you will need to go forward and release the pole from the sail, task the sail, reattach the pole to the sail.
    Good luck. ask if there are any questions.

  3. TWM


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    Catalina 309
    Au Newport NSW Australia Newport
    Thanks jssailem for the advice and illustrations. The mast has an opening just above the steaming light which may take a topping lift line for the pole lift. A rigger has suggested making a new opening higher up the mast to avoid the topping lift getting caught on the light. Has anyone had experience with this on a 309.
    As an aside our rig inspection was just completed for insurance. The rigger gave us the all clear other than to say that when the boat was first rigged (2011) the mast head stay was put through the wrong hole in the end cap of the top spreader. This did not allow the spreader to lock onto the stay and results in the end of the stay being able to move up and down on the spreader. This is being fixed to obtain a clean report. It sounds like a fairly basic mistake at the time of commissioning. Interested if others have had that experience.

  4. SG


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    US Annapolis
    Howe long is the pole? If you run a line to the midpoint of the pole (So the line is inside the forestay), I wouldn't think it should interfere with the steaming or foredeck light. If you're concerned you could have a stainless steel "hoop" but around the light so as to protect it by keeping the line from hitting it.

  5. Pompadi


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    Catalina 309
    OZ Sydney
    6C949462-3102-4D5C-A20F-DC1EC0294670.jpeg Our rigger had this made, we added a kicker and used spare halyard as topper for the pole
    Works well.. B807F3B1-64DF-4964-9C57-4B0EA74F4189.jpeg

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