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Pimp my C275

Discussion in 'Catalina 275' started by Codybear, Feb 24, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Alansails


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    Anam Cara Catalina 310 Hull #155
    US Lake Erie/Catawba Island
    Great Job!
    Excellent modifications and clean also...
    If you ever get bored and want a bigger challenge, you are welcome to work on our boat at any time. :biggrin:

  2. jviss


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    Tartan 3800
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    Great job on the boat. Wow! Love that head and installation.

  3. Codybear


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    Catalina 275
    US Lake Michigan Wilmette, IL
    Thanks, but I'm still annoyed by Catalina taking a hole saw to my head. Yes, my OCD kicks in every time I give thought to it, but I've learned to try not to think about it.

    Anyway, I'm hoping my documentation is appreciated by fellow sailors and fellow C275 owners. A lot of thought goes into what I do for my boat, as my wife can contest and is ready to shoot me. I have some more to come, but how much can I do to a daysailor? I'm happy with my "pimped" boat and happy to share my research.

    And Alansails, thanks for the invite, but I work for beers, expensive beers and I'm slow (have to have time to enjoy the beer), so my work is not cost effective.

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  4. Codybear


    Joined Jun 6, 2016
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    Catalina 275
    US Lake Michigan Wilmette, IL
    This mod is only for new C275 owners and is not a fun modification. For reasons I do not know, Catalina sands the bottom of the hull all the way to within about 1" (probably 0.94") of the stripe (see post #11 in "Calling ..."). This gives a lot of exposed bottom paint with very little hull color below the stripe. After studying some pictures, I figured I'd lower the bottom paint line another 3.75". In order to do this, I ran a 3" (actual 2.83") painters tape below the hull stripe and then a 2" (actual 1.88") painters tape below that one. This gave me a reasonable line to work with. Though you will have to freehand the last 5' or so of the stern. I used 1" tape for the freehand. Once the line was set, I ran additional tape below the two rows of tape to preserve the line, which also provided some protection to the sanded hull.

    I removed all the tape above the protection tape and with a lot of elbow grease sanded away Catalina's orbital scratches working my way to 1500, which was the finest I could get at the local hardware store. Polishing with rubbing compound got it looking pretty good. I didn't get all of Catalina's scratches out, but it looks much better. Maybe after enough polishing over the years, I'll get the rest.

    After that, I reapplied tape above the protective tape using as my guide so I could bottom paint. This is my result with 4.71" hull color below the stripe:


    It's hard to see from post #1 in "Calling ...", but the bottom paint is about 2-2.5" above the water line. As I have the heavier wing keel and I'm in fresh water, you may get just a bit more. If you are ordering a new boat and want a lower paint line, try to save yourself some work and see if you can get Catalina to not sand so high. The only caveat is that Catalina may alter the hull stripe from hull to hull. I assume not, but I don't know how precise they are.

  5. Codybear


    Joined Jun 6, 2016
    65 posts, 9 likes
    Catalina 275
    US Lake Michigan Wilmette, IL
    When purchasing a C275, you will have the option to buy the custom cushions. While I do like the cushions, I'm not a fan of the mounted snaps to the seats/rail. I find them annoying if you don't have the cushions mounted. It is also a $1332 (2014 price) upgrade. In my case, I was just going to go with the seat cushions (less snaps) for $1050 and maybe sew rubber padding underneath to help keep in place. In the end, I hunted down the makers of the Moorings' cushions that you find on their charter boats. The company that makes the cushions is Premier Performance Interiors. I picked a fabric from samples that was closest to the color of the C275 line bags. The invoice description has PPI Retail Moorings Cushion, Trivantage XM2 Gray 863405 Cover & Hinge. I bought 8, which is overkill, and got a volume discount, so in effect one was free. Here is what they look like:


    New, they can be a little slippery. The gray seams to be a nice color as it doesn't seem to get hot in the sun yet doesn't show dirt as much as white. The advantages of these over the C275 option are: easy to just put out one or two if sailing short handed, cushioning for your back, and half the price. I tied a line around the hinges of two of the cushions (one for each side), with a snap hook on the other end, to put up on the rail when steering. The line is so I don't have to do MOB drills. I get enough practice with hats, people dropping their cans with my huggies overboard and runaway beach balls.

  6. Doug4bass


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    Catalina 385
    US Marquette. Mi
    Every new Catalina I've had, the hull was sanded as yours. Gives good bond to the bottom paint. All 3 boats sat in the water with about 3" of exposed paint...which I like. Although I really dont like the look of boats with paint clear up to the boot stripe.

  7. Codybear


    Joined Jun 6, 2016
    65 posts, 9 likes
    Catalina 275
    US Lake Michigan Wilmette, IL
    Based on my picture in "Calling", I have about 2.5" exposed paint at the bow. If I have lowered it by about 3.75", that means the normal would be 6.25" of exposed paint. IMO that is too much. I'm not aware of anyone painting the C275 transom with bottom paint which only sits above the water by about 1-1.5". So if the transom is not being sanded by Catalina and subsequently painted, why protect the rest of the hull so far above the water line? I appreciate Catalina sanding my hull for me, I just question why so high on the C275.

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