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Photo Day - Light Air Sailing

Discussion in 'Cruising Sailors' started by DArcy - Islay Mist, Sep 6, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. DArcy - Islay Mist

    DArcy - Islay Mist

    Joined Feb 11, 2017
    120 posts, 117 likes
    C&C 27 MkII
    Ca Canada Ottawa
    I had a nice sail last night. It was supposed to be a race but the wind was not cooperating so it turned into an evening cruise with a nice sunset. The power boat just to the right of the sun is picking up the marks just before we got there.

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  2. TomY

    TomY Alden Forum Moderator

    Joined Jun 22, 2004
    1,001 posts, 444 likes
    Alden 38' Challenger yawl
    US Rockport Harbor
    Nice photo!

    We just returned from a couple weeks of lights winds rarely blowing over 10 knots. That's about perfect for coastal sailing in my book. I never thought about a reef (until the end), and rarely even set our anchor at night (I hate to admit that,...), as the conditions and forecasts were so benign.

    We had many nice sails like this one from Frenchboro to North East Harbor. We sailed off our mooring in Frenchboro in the morning and could have sailed right into North East Harbor, if we so dared.

    About when I took this, we had just sailed a narrow thread between the Green Islands just off Black Island. Not as light as D'Arcy's but we had that in the mix of the 10 mile sail. There was a slight fog in our wake.
    Green Islands (1 of 1).jpg

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  3. Ken Cross

    Ken Cross

    Joined Oct 24, 2010
    1,501 posts, 162 likes
    Hunter 30
    US Everett, WA
    Nice. Thanks for posting this. We often get in too big a hurry and don't use those really light winds.

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  4. plenny7


    Joined Oct 3, 2014
    103 posts, 37 likes
    Hunter 33.5
    US Minneapolis & Lake City, MN
    Some of my favorite times in our boat are the light air sunset sails. Everyone can relax, enjoy the the view, and feel the elegance of gentle motion through the water.

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  5. RussC


    Joined Sep 11, 2015
    1,048 posts, 380 likes
    Macgregor 25
    US Vagabond 17. Oregon lakes
    These are also known as "swimming opportunities".
    After our swim yesterday it picked up to a very pleasant sailing afternoon/evening. we love summer ;)

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  6. DArcy - Islay Mist

    DArcy - Islay Mist

    Joined Feb 11, 2017
    120 posts, 117 likes
    C&C 27 MkII
    Ca Canada Ottawa
    Another drifter last night with a nice sunset.


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