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Oday Widgeon Hiking Stick/Tiller Extension

Discussion in 'Day Sailers' started by John From Maine, Aug 9, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. John From Maine

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    Oday 12 ft widgeon
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    Last year, my sailing grand daughters suggested I make a tiller extension. So just finished making a hiking stick or tiller extension for my Widgeon. Attached are 5 pictures of the completed project. I attached the extension 8" from the end of the tiller so when the extension is not being used I can hold the original tiller without the extension being in the way. I fabricated a pivot bracket from 1/8" thick by 1" wide aluminum. It was easy to bend into the "U" shape and I could not find any stainless steel. The bracket is attached to the tiller by a 1/4" x 20 stainless steel carriage bolt through the bracket and locking nut and washer. That way the bracket can pivot 360 degrees. The extension is attached to the bracket by another 1/4" x 20 stainless steel bolt. This bolt goes through the arms of the bracket and also the extension. This allows the extension to also pivot upward about 30 degrees, if necessary when sailing. I also used a nylon washer under the bracket where it rubs against the tiller. I used 2 nylon washers on each side of the extension where it rubs against the bracket. I used a small length of bungee cord tied in a loop to hold the extension in place when not being used, easy to slip on and off. I haven't tried in out yet, but soon my sailing grand daughters will be visiting and the widgeon will be launched. Stayed tuned for a report on how it works. I would guess I spent maybe $20 for parts.

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