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not something you see everyday..

Discussion in 'Pacific North West Cruisers' started by Mark Maulden, Feb 4, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Mark Maulden

    Mark Maulden

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    S2 11.0A
    US Anacortes, WA
    P8280061.JPG This was ~2015. This 737 was off loaded to shore on Thetis Is and totally stripped of control surfaces, engines, interior, etc etc. Once stripped, and approved (by someone), it was loaded onto a barge and towed over near Chemainus and sunk for an artificial reef. Have not heard how it's doing today. Not everyday you see an airliner beached on shore...We had to alter course and find out what was up..I was going through some old pics and ran across this one.

  2. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

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    O'Day 19
    US Littleton, NH
    Fantastic and fun.
    Might have made an interesting sailboat.

    - Will (Dragonfly)

  3. BlowMeAway


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    Hunter 1978 H30 Cherubini
    US Cayuga Lake, Ithaca

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  4. Kermit


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    US Lake Murray Sailing Club, SC
    Wow! In South Carolina we just sink Christmas trees.

  5. Gene Neill

    Gene Neill

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    C-22, Albin Vega
    US central Florida
    ... and wine bottles ...

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  6. sailnoproblem


    Joined Oct 10, 2011
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    Tartan 34C
    US Toms River, New Jersey
    And if you are from North Jersey or Staten Island BODIES;)

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  7. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

    Joined Oct 19, 2017
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    O'Day 19
    US Littleton, NH
    Uh oh, I'm starting to get that sinking feeling that there may be more to sink or teeth into than one may think. Suddenly we will be typing about everything, including the kitchen sink.
    It's a titanic thought, don't you think?

    - Will (Dragonfly)

  8. RussC


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    Macgregor 25
    US Oregon lakes
    Not to mention what a shock it will be for sport divers who aren't expecting to see an airliner underwater :yikes:. ;)

  9. Ralph Johnstone

    Ralph Johnstone

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    Hunter H-310
    CA West Vancouver, B.C.
    Up here in Canada, competition in the "low cost air travel market" has become vicious. $18.00 for a flight from Vancouver to Edmonton on Cheapo Air.


    Your picture shows an attempt to cut the cost of air travel even further. Good luck with that.

  10. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

    Joined Oct 19, 2017
    2,602 posts, 1,085 likes
    O'Day 19
    US Littleton, NH
    I priced flights or of Montreal vs Boston since they are about the same distance from home and Montreal was half again as expensive. That was several years ago. Has it changed that much?

  11. Simon Sexton

    Simon Sexton

    Joined Nov 1, 2017
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    Catalina 25 Tall Rig
    Valiant US Watergate Marina, Kemah, TX
    Looks like a scene outta Captain Ron...

  12. DayDreamer41


    Joined Oct 29, 2016
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    Hunter 41 DS
    Un Port Huron
    Someone has to tell those crazy Canuc's that you can't turn a plane into a submarine, at least not successfully...........:yikes:

  13. pateco


    Joined Aug 12, 2014
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    Hunter 31 (1983)
    US Pompano Beach FL
    Here is our craziest recent artificial reef Fail

    They are still working to fix it.


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