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New owner of Bristol 24

Discussion in 'Bristol' started by Capitan Blood, Dec 21, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Capitan Blood

    Capitan Blood

    Joined Dec 21, 2017
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    Bristol Bristol 24
    Luna Ch Algarrobo, Chile
    Hi all
    I just got my 1977 Bristol 24, S/V Luna, hull 477, and her trailer, off the boat and through customs here in Chile.

    She was lovingly restored by her former owner, and I hope to have many pleasant days sailing her on the Chilean coast and possibly well offshore.

    My wife and I expect to take her down to Puerto Montt in February, to explore the Chilean Patagonia region, at least as far as the Gulf of Corcovado.

    We will be putting a new outboard in her well, with an alternator to charge the batteries and a small solar panel to do the same job. First question: is 10 HP enough for bucking strong currents ? I might be able to shoehorn a 15 HP Tohatsu in there, but would prefer not to be overpowered, due to lack of space for fuel.

    Second question: I understand that the chainplates can be an issue. Should I just take them apart and replace the bolts, or is there a quicker way to determine if they´re OK ?

    Third question: Since the bilge in the cabin is quite shallow, where do you recommend placing a bilge pump ? The deepest point is in the stern, but it´s got a very small volume, Believe it or not, there is no bilge pump, manual or otherwise, on this boat.

    Final question. for now: Where can I see some pictures of a dodger installed on a Bristol 24 ? It can get pretty wet way down in southern Chile, and we´re not into suffering for its own sake.

    Fair Winds,

    Peter "Capitán Blood" Wadsworth

  2. Tarditi


    Joined Jun 25, 2017
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    Bristol 24
    US Forked River, NJ
    I have a 5hp honda outboard on mine - not fast, but gets her moving. She can hold 4 knots in mild current with the 5hp.
    I think a 10hp would be plenty - the previous owner had a 10 on her and said she went faster but fuel consumption was about 3x what it is with the 5. I would guess that 15 would be thirsty on this boat, and as you said, storage space isn't abundant.

    Do you want to just refurb the chain plates or rework them so you have them outboard thru hull? I think the latter is a fairly common improvement.

    No manual bilge pump? I thought that was standard equipment... I have a manual and auto - manual pickup is right about under the companionway, if I recall correctly.

    I've not seen many dodgers on the Bristol 24 - I suspected it was because of the relatively low boom height.

  3. Jalepeno


    Joined Mar 2, 2008
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    Cal 25 mk II
    CA T-Bird Marina, West Vancouver
    All you need is about 1hp per 500# displacement to get you up to hull speed. Anything much more is just extra weight and a waste of money and fuel. Doesn't matter on wind or current you push a displacement hull faster than hull speed over water. Hull speed kts = (sq rt LWL ft) x (~1.33)

  4. Capitan Blood

    Capitan Blood

    Joined Dec 21, 2017
    5 posts, 2 likes
    Bristol Bristol 24
    Luna Ch Algarrobo, Chile
    Thanks, guys. Good info.

    I think I´ll go with a 9.8 HP Tohatsu with an extra-long shaft. It get quite choppy down there, and that way the prop shouldn´t come out of the water. That would give me hull speed and a slim margin for windage.

    With regard to the chainplates, my worry is that the inox may be crystallized and just let go all of a sudden. But I´d rather avoid replacing them. What should I look for to decide ?

    Fair winds

  5. heritage


    Joined Apr 22, 2011
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    Hunter 27
    US Cherry Point MCAS
    Look for any signs of water ever being trapped around the chainplates. If possible, take off the bolts holding the plates, one at a time, and check for crevice corrosion in the nuts and bolts. It will be very apparent if there is corrosion.

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  6. SG


    Joined Feb 11, 2017
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    J/Boat J/160
    US Annapolis
    Weren't the issue with chain plates on the Bristol 24 (Corsair) -- not the Newport, RI Pearson Bristols, I believe) -- that the chain plates were behind woodworking inside the cabin?

    Have you exposed the chain plates?

  7. Capitan Blood

    Capitan Blood

    Joined Dec 21, 2017
    5 posts, 2 likes
    Bristol Bristol 24
    Luna Ch Algarrobo, Chile

    The chain plates are bolted through the main bulkhead, not attached directly to the hull. I´ll remove a couple of bolts tomorrow and see how they look. First impression is that they haven´t been touched for quite a while, which is surprising given the overall care that Luna obviously has received.

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