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N28 progress

Discussion in 'Newport' started by CharlzO, May 6, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. MitchK


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    Charlz, I understand in regards to access to the fresh water tank. On mine, it appears they installed the tanks before they installed the liner. I would have to cut out the V berth deck to get either of mine out. If your holding tank is sound other than the additional hole installed by the DPO, you may want to consider patching the hole. I know they make a plastic tank repair kit for RV type tanks that may work. I agree all of the hoses need replacing. I need to do that on mine too. It's on the to do list. As for the water hose type fitting on the deck, and the way it is plumbed to the waste tank, it was probay set up that way so that the tank could be flushed with clear water as it was being pumped out. With the seacock closed, suction on the clean out line would empty the tank, and with clean water bring injected into the tank, probably work well to clean out the tank. From what I saw in the video, that open port in the chain locker does look like your fresh water tank fill. It also looks like your waste tank vents to the chain locker too. At least I think it does from the small line T fitting on top of the tank. Waste tank venting straight into the water tank....Yuck! The waste tank vent should be outboard and away from the fresh water inlets. Peggies book is good. I purchased it a few months ago in prep for my waste tank re-plumb.

  2. CharlzO


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    Her book is also in my cart at the moment, I hadn't pulled the plug on it yet until I got the boat in the water. Launch time snuck up on me so it got pushed off in favor of floating. It very well could be a fresh water flush for it, that would make sense. I'm still learning bits about the ins and outs (no pun intended) of the systems. I'll definitely be relocating the venting hoses completely when I redo the system. I also didn't know about the repair option, I just figured that the material these tanks are made of didn't seem they would take well to adhesives of any sort. I'm still leaning towards replacing it anyway, since I have no idea if that was original or anything, and in the grand scheme they really aren't terribly expensive at that size. My other option would be to just go ahead and use a porta for the season and do the complete head refit over winter/spring. That would free up more short-term funds to put towards new cushions and the new main. If it even got used twice all year, it would be a surprise anyway. Decisions, decisions. And that's why I tend to say "eh I'll figure it out later, it's nice out! Lets go sailing!"

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