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Discussion in 'Big Boats' started by Nodak7, Nov 8, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. gdudik


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    Glad to hear pressure tester worked. The one I have also came with a device for using air compressor to pull vacuum on cooling system to fill all the pockets and voids without going through laborious burping procedures.

  2. seadaddler


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    Sounds good and glad it was just hoses.

  3. jssailem


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    Good for you. It is always the something we can not see that will give us a bad day. Good you found it this way "regular maintenance inspection" then thru a sudden failure.
    Happy Sailing.

  4. Nodak7


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    Well the saga continues! As I was repairing the leak(s) I began inspection of the hose and found it to be in marginal to poor shape. I finally came to the decision that to be confident the hoses would not fail me at a inopportune time now would be the time to change them. On the 41DS these hoses run under the sole plate to the water heater compartment and its a pretty ugly and difficult hose to reach or pull through. Part of it is visible from the void under the galley and some of it is visible from the starboard water tank inspection port. Anyway while pondering this project I realized that if I could lift the water heater and pan out of the way that would give me good access to the hose run. All I needed to do was disconnect the water lines and relief valve hose remove then the 4 hold down screws. I did that and sure enough it will be a much simpler hose (2) pull. FYI if you have to do it again. I am also changing the hoses from hardwall water hose to hardwall engine water hose that is better suited to the temperature.

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  5. mistralseattle


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    Did you check your freeze plugs? Some are hard to see. Happened to me.

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