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My New Tow Vehicle!

Discussion in 'Catalina 22' started by w4swk, Aug 1, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. pclarksurf


    Joined Jul 13, 2015
    485 posts, 219 likes
    Catalina 22 #2552
    US Kennewick, WA
    Ginger !!!!

  2. Lemon Drop

    Lemon Drop

    Joined Dec 21, 2016
    33 posts, 2 likes
    Catalina C22
    US Trailer sailor
    Yep! She’s been nothing but sweet to me and when I need her she can be a bit spicy and drag anything I need..

  3. w4swk


    Joined Mar 23, 2015
    123 posts, 46 likes
    1991 Catalina 22 Wing Keel
    15202 US Nocona
    Boy! This thread could go south pretty quick!:oops: LOL

  4. kappykaplan


    Joined May 1, 2011
    788 posts, 120 likes
    Pearson 37
    US Lusby MD
    I think it has . . . :yikes:

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  5. Grotto


    Joined Feb 18, 2018
    38 posts, 18 likes
    Catalina 22
    Firefly Us Wilmington nc
    F86DA730-BF06-4B23-9192-25867B882070.jpeg FD387BBD-8A9F-4D04-B1E3-D49D324313F2.jpeg Not pulling the boat but the FJ gets us out on the beach. Here my lovely wife is showing us how 5’ 1” gals get the SUP’s off the roof. So for the record 4 SUP’s 4 paddles, 2 windsurf masts, booms, and sails. It is the adventure pig.

  6. ECUmedford


    Joined Aug 7, 2018
    8 posts, 1 likes
    Catalina 22
    6939 US Lake Waccamaw, NC
    Okay you guys have me a little nervous with all of these big trucks. I am driving 4 hours this weekend to pickup my new C22. I have a Honda Pilot with a towing capacity of 4,500. I'm good to go right?

  7. Richie50


    Joined Oct 4, 2010
    142 posts, 12 likes
    76 Catalina 22
    US Three Mile Harbor, East Hampton, NY
    I’ve used a 2007 Toyota Sienna for a 80 mile trip twice a year with no issues. Basically flat an level. I have done this for five years.

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  8. rpludwig


    Joined May 23, 2016
    549 posts, 276 likes
    Catalina 22 #12502
    US BSC
    That's what I pull with, but no need for'll be ok...imo

  9. Justin_NSA


    Joined Jul 7, 2004
    4,625 posts, 701 likes
    Hunter 30T
    US Cheney, KS
    My "new" vehicle is my '93 2wd 5.7L Suburban with a newly rebuilt transmission with beefier aftermarket parts. It was already optioned with a tow package.
    I only tow from the yardspace to the crane twice (hopefully) every season. :redface:

  10. Pearson 39-II

    Pearson 39-II

    Joined Aug 4, 2018
    24 posts, 8 likes
    Pearson Yachts 39-II
    Scotch Bonnet US Punta Gorda, FL
    Stupid, meaningless post, Bigeasy

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