Mounting new radar dome question

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  1. Pat T

    Pat T

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    I want to purchase a new RayMarine Quantum 2 radar to replace my old analog Autohelm radar (see pic). I am wondering though if I can use the old mast mounting hardware with the new radar dome? Seems like this hardware is pretty standard/generic stuff? Have any of you done the same and kept the old mounting hardware? It sure would make things easier if I didn't have to plug old holes and drill new ones in the mast. Thanks.

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  2. DayDreamer41


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    I think if I were replacing ours I would take it off the mast all together and mount on its own mast from the transom, good to get the weight down from the mast.

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  3. LeslieTroyer


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    You should be able to find bolt patterns for both radars online to compare. That mount will work, even if you need new holes.

    You can get power from old harness, and is the new Quantum wireless?? If so no wire pull necessary.

    The stern pole / mast mount is an old debate, trade offs on each position.


  4. dlochner


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    When I added radar a couple years ago I considered a mast mounted radar vs. a pole on the transom. I went with the pole for several reason, keeping weight off the mast, removes an potential obstruction when tacking the Genoa, and most important my mast comes down every year, it is one less wire to deal with twice a year.

    The single disadvantage to the transom pole is height. For the most part the height isn't an issue, the difference in range is only a couple of miles going from 13 feet above the water to 20 feet. The time it does make a difference is in the ocean with a large swell running. When the boat is in the trough, the effective height will be much lower.

  5. DougM


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  6. DougM


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    The new Quantum will run wireless. Even so, I still chose to hard wire.
    To add to the debate, I set my radar up on a gimbaled backstay mount, mostly because I didn’t feel like taking down the mast to install a mast mount, much less climbing to install the stuff.

  7. Pat T

    Pat T

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    Catalina 36MKII
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    Yes the Quantum can run wireless which is why I chose it besides I do not have the room to squeeze in any more cables to my helm, (plus I am lazy). I will use the Quantum with my Axiom MFD which I installed last year. Since I already have the mount on the mast I will try and use it as well as the power cable from the old radar. In the manual there is something about making sure the wifi signal (dome on mast to MFD at helm) will be strong enough but of course there is an app you can use to check for that! I think I should be OK? So sounds simple. A couple of times up and down the mast (only half way!) All I have to do now is purchase the new radar and get started.
    BTW, I have always had the radar on the mast and never an issue with tacking the genoa which is a 155.
    Appreciate the inputs guys.

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