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Morgan specifications

Discussion in 'Morgan' started by SV Anjali, Jun 10, 2015. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. SV Anjali

    SV Anjali

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    morgan yachts 41 ketch aft cockpit
    US maryland
    Recently purchased a 1969 Morgan 41 aft cockpit centerboard ketch. The interior has been partially butchered by a senseless previous owner. I want to restore the interior to original, but I am having trouble finding any specs or drawings. I have been in touch with charley Morgan, and although he is a very kind and generous man... He is not able to give me any detailed info. Does anyone know of a good resource? Thank you, Bob



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    morgan 38-1
    US St. Augustine
    you might try morgan,i know its title is morgan 38 but there is a lot of morgan info, there ..

  3. centerline


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    Cal 34-III, MacGregor 25
    US Salem, Oregon
    sorry I cant help with the infomation you seek...

    as for the butchered boat, this is an ongoing problem with people who can be referred to as "senseless" and have half baked ideas. they put all the ambition they have into the deconstruction of the boat, and none left over for the RE-construction of it... and many who do retain some bit of ambition, reconstructs in such a way that the boat was more valuable left in its unfinished condition...
    some people just dont have sense enough to recognize a senseless idea when it enters their mind:biggrin:.

  4. Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit

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    Bavaria 38E
    US Alamitos Bay
  5. Luna Koa

    Luna Koa

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    Morgan 421
    US Panama City, FL Panama City, FL
    Does anyone have any drawings or an owners manual for a Morgan 421? HELP I'm trying to restore this boat and need some help as to how things run etc.

  6. Tombo


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    Morgan outIsland 33
    US Tampa, fl. ApooloBeach, Florida

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