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Moorage/Storage for ranger 20

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by sharonekelly, Aug 28, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. sharonekelly


    Joined Aug 10, 2015
    3 posts, 0 likes
    Hunter 20
    US Portland
    I have a Ranger 20 that I want to moor and/or store for future use on the Columbia. Would like someplace where other Ranger 20s live. Any recommendations?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. JoeSailer10


    Joined Jul 29, 2014
    73 posts, 3 likes
    Ranger R26
    US Plymouth, IN Muskegon, MI
    Sorry, I can't help with this, I am on Lake Michigan/Muskegon Lake with my R26 and one other R26 with the same hull color and at the same marina. Any other Ranger 26's nearby?

  3. FastOlson


    Joined Apr 8, 2010
    737 posts, 13 likes
    Ericson Yachts Olson 34
    US Portland, OR Portland OR
    There is still an active fleet of Ranger 20's racing (and having occasional social get togethers) in Portland, via the Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon (SYSCO).
    You can locate the club on the www for details. Nice group of sailors and very welcoming.

  4. LeslieTroyer


    Joined May 20, 2016
    230 posts, 34 likes
    Catalina 36 MK1
    US Sammamish, WA Everett, WA
    I had my 22 on the Snake River. Much better sailing than the mighty Columbia (when in the dry shitties). The Columbia is a long river what segment are you interested in???

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