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  1. Tom H31

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    I am searching for a replacement winch for the halyard winch on my '86 H31. The winch is a Maxwell size 17, and I have searched on Google to no avail. I did find one from a place in Michigan called N&J Marine, but after three un-answered phone calls and an email, I gave up. I know Maxwell is no longer in the winch business.
    Does anyone have any suggestions. I would like to find a direct replacement, but may have to go with Lewmar or other brand.

  2. Dave Groshong

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    Have you tried these guys?

    We would be pleased to offer Lewmar or Harken winches, yes the mounting holes will be different. Let me know if you'd like a quote. The base diameter of your present Maxwell winch will be key.

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    I recommend just going with something else. I replaced mine with a pair of Lewmar 40's (ebay) and never looked back. Much better. The Maxwell winches are crap. I also replaced the jib sheet winches with Lewmar 46 ST's. Much happier.

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    Hey Tom
    I was looking for maxwell winch replacement parts several years ago, there is a company in Austrailia that bought all there equipment. When I contacted them, they had no spare [parts but if they gpt a big enough request theye might make the replacement parts.. Not worth the wait or aggrevation.

    Here is the link:

  5. Patrick Lombard

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    I replaced my Maxwells with self tailing Harken winches years ago when I couldn’t get replacement parts for the Maxwells

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    Im replacing my cabintop winches thursday. forget the size . Ill check on thursday. interested?

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    We should get organized. Next time WM has a BOGO on winches...

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  9. Tom H31

    Tom H31

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    Thanks for all the advice. I am planning to install a used Lewmar winch I bought on eBay.

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