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Marina etiquette

Discussion in 'Smaller Boats' started by john6206, Apr 28, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit

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    Well, that bothers me too. But it's a "lost cause" b/c it's so widespread--flying the US flag from the starboard-spreader flag halyard, usually. I don't see all that many shredded ones; but they are out there.

  2. shemandr


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    This might be the most far flung thread yet on SBO. It's almost a James Joyce novel. But I agree about respect for our flag - for citizens of the United States. And respect for other nations flags is good manners for everyone.

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  3. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

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    Yes. Be respectful of the country you live in and the country you visit. There are a lot of us who care.

    I use to substitute teach and had a group junior high kids who acted highly disrespectful. When I called them on it, they said, "Respect had to be earned." Who teaches kids that stuff? Respect is the default. Money, grades, trust and disrespect are earned.

    - Will (Dragonfly)

  4. Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit

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    The kids are not entirely wrong to say that respect is something that is, or can be, earned [through accomplishments]. Just read the definition(s) of the word. Nevertheless, respect should automatically attach to persons serving in a role or in a profession because of what members of that profession have accomplished historically, as well as for the merits required to be a part of it, or to an icon such as the flag representing likewise accomplishments of a people, etc. People respect doctors because they are doctors. Doctors have earned respect b/c of the good things they do now, and have done historically. Perhaps better just to tell 'em to "sit down and shut up" rather than offer a civics lesson they are evidently not ready to learn. It goes both ways.

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  5. Joe


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    Well.... the comment I made was not really about respect. Judging another person in such a way is dangerous and a bit myopic. That errant boat owner could be a US Army vet who just doesn't know naval tradition. Flying the national ensign in its proper place IS about nautical tradition and courtesy. If one is ignorant of proper flag etiquette I can't possibly extrapolate that to mean he's flying the flag in the wrong place because he wants to show disrespect. The concept of respect is subjectively interpreted to suit the individual.... so be careful.... accusing someone of "disrespecting" the flag because he's flying it on the "flag" halyard and leaving it up 24/7 may lead to some unwanted consequences.

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  6. Capri30


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    I have internal halyards as many boats now do, now I can and do tie back the external ones, but the internal halyards will still slap that aluminum mast from the inside. And NO I'm not going to fill my mast with anything! As long as there are two people left in this world there will be some kind of disagreement or conflict. Get used to it!

  7. SailingBill


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    Totally agree: I spent weeks every summer on my boat, trying to sleep at night, and never found the sound of slapping halyards 'romantic.' Just noisy. Usually means bad manners or poor seamanship. [I know, manners don't mean anything these days.]
    I carried a handful of bungie's to tie them off...and just quietly did it...on unoccupied boats. Never felt it was ambience---just noise---after the first 5 minutes.

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