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Manual Bilge pump relocation

Discussion in 'Big Boats' started by CaptKimble, Apr 29, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. CaptKimble


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    The factory installed bilge pump restricted access to the port side aft lazzerette on my 96 Catalina 380. I moved the pump around the corner where it provides easier access to the compartment and also provides easier operation of the bilge pump itself. I've included some photos of the installation. This photo shows the old location vs the new location.
    Old vs New location.jpg
    This photo is the old location with the original auto bilge pump hose in position old pump location with auto bilge pump hose.jpg
    The second photo is the pump in its new location with the new hose in place. New Pump location.jpg
    The next photo is the new backing plate with the pump bracket in place New backing plate with bracket.jpg
    This shows the new hose secured in the old location. I used ty wraps to secure it in place.
    New hose secured in place.jpg
    I used MaineSails method to seal the opening
    new seal in place.jpg
    I ops checked it and it's so much easier to operate and out of the way getting not only stuff in and out of the lazzerette but myself included.

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