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M-25 maintenance day

Discussion in 'Catalina 30' started by freeheelbillie, May 16, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. freeheelbillie


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    Catalina 30
    US Mi Port Sanilac
    Doing an oil change and replacing the impeller this weekend. Manual calls for a 300209 oil filter and a 298854 fuel filter. Can anyone post up good ones I can get from the local AutoZone? Also, what impeller have you all had good luck with? I have the Sherwood pump 30268, calling out a 302875 impeller.


  2. Mikes 87

    Mikes 87

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    Catalina 30 mkII
    US Pasadena, MD
    Here is what I have collected from various posts (I'm currently using Fram PH3593A oil filter):

    Oil filter (Universal Diesel p/n 300209)
    Fram PH3593A
    Purolater L14459
    WIX 51334
    NAPA 1334, 21334, PS1334
    AC X-88, PF1127
    CARQUEST 85452
    Fleetguard LF3462
    Delco PF1127
    Kubota 70000-15241

    Fuel filter (Universal Diesel 298854)
    Purolator F50262
    WIX 33390
    NAPA 3390, 3390MP
    AC TP1200
    Hastings FF1119
    CARQUEST 86390, 86582
    Fleetguard FF5226
    Kubota 70000-43081

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