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Lewmar Windlass Motor

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by captmaddog, Feb 16, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. captmaddog


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    Hunter 420CC
    US Kema, Texas
    I have a Lewmar Windlass that clicks and doesn't do anything. I suspected it was the Solenoid and replaced it with a new one from West Marine. However still nothing. Trying to find a replacement motor, or whether or not I should dismantle the current gear and motor and see about rebuilding it. I can't find a model number on the motor, but here is a picture if anyone knows about it. I beleive it was original equipment on my 2003 Hunter 420 Passage.
    Lewmar.PNG Thanks, Mark

  2. Rich Stidger

    Rich Stidger

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    US 1997 h40.5 Bristol, RI
    Sometime around 2000 (I don't know the exact year) Lewmar bought out Simpson Lawrence and began selling S-L windlasses under the Lewmar brand name. Simpson Lawrence used a French-manufactured motor from a company named Leroy Somer. It is a piece of junk. The brushes are the weak point, and given the unreasonable procurement time and obscene pricing, the motor is best replaced outright.
    There is a company in the UK that bought out all of the S-L spare parts and they have found a replacement motor that is manufactured in the UK that is much more reliable than the Leroy Somer motor.
    So what I would recommend is that you look at your motor and see if there is a Leroy Somer label on it. If it is a L-S, I would not bother trying to repair it, but instead I would check with
    and ask them if their motors will fit the Lewmar model that you have. You should also ask Lewmar for a replacement but they may only be able to supply you another Leroy Somer motor. If you search this board for "Leroy Somer" or "Simpson Lawrence" you will find lots of information that others and myself have posted.

  3. seadaddler


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    Are you sure that you have proper voltage at the motor,just aking.

  4. captmaddog


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    Hunter 420CC
    US Kema, Texas
    Good point. I'll check that. It comes directly off the starter battery.

  5. JamesG161


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    I had same problem. I opened the hatch cover to see the model number of my contactor. The voltage to the contactor was good. My helper who could stick his head inside the anchor locker, asked...

    "Should this red wire be lose on the contactor?":rolleyes:

    Duhhh NO!
    We cleaned the terminal and retightened the "Red wire".

    Anchors aweigh again...;)

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  7. Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit

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    The Bavaria is on its third Lewmar windlass motor (SL Sprint 1000) in 17 yr since the boat was first splashed. So, I've done some trouble shooting as well as replacement. The motors are about $500 ea from p2 marine; see at link. You can see the part number on the motor in magnified view. (The motor kit for the 600 is quite a bit less; follow the links to that one.) The clicking might be due to a corroded connection to the switch, or to corroded wiring at some other connection. OR, if water has gotten in there where the brushes are, there may be some breakage/disintegration of the brushes or magnets, causing the armature to hang up. (Probably equals new motor.) There's also a sealed bearing pressed on the armature shaft that can freeze. Obviously, check the connection at the switch first.

    p.s. Here's that bearing: McMaster Carr Product #2349K413. Metric Perma-Lube Steel Ball Bearing-ABEC-1; Double sealed. #6001 for 12 mm shaft diameter, 28 mm OD; $18.

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  8. captmaddog


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    Hunter 420CC
    US Kema, Texas
    Thanks. There is corrosion from some water leaking into the drive so looking at, they have the Lewmar V3 Windlass on sale with shipping for under $1800. Looks like that would be my best option at this point.

  9. Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit

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    Bavaria 38E
    US Ventura Harbor

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  10. Gunni


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    US Annapolis
    The replacement motor for my Simpson Lawrence windlass from the British spares fellow was north of $500 (plus freight and duties) and when I saw the maker (Lucas) I regretfully pulled a mechanically fine S-L windlass...and dropped it in the metals recycling bin, replacing it with a Lewmar H3. Hated to reward them for abandoning parts for their S-L windlass, but their H3 really is a good value. I would recommend replacing your vertical shaft windlass with a horizontal shaft windlass. Once the shaft seal fails on that vertical shaft windlass it is just a matter of time until seawater fills and destroys the motor.



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    captmaddog, On my Hunter 50 factory equipped with Quick windlass & bow thruster. Looks to me a notch above Lewmar. One obvious difference on windlass, motor on Quick is sealed.
    Before purchasing boat, I had never heard of Quick brand. After purchasing boat I changed the gypsy from 5/16" to 3/8". Had no trouble getting parts.
    Take a look at it (also lower price):

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