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Keel bolt specs

Discussion in 'Sirius 21/22' started by Clanallan, Feb 11, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Clanallan


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    Sirius 22
    Ca Maple Ridge, British Columbia Maple Ridge, British Columbia
    We bought a Sirius 21/22 approx 1980 and it has no keel bolt. We're looking for some kind of specs for a bolt and seals.

  2. srust58


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    Sirius 22
    US Minneapolis
    The bolt seems to be 5/8th or 16mm about 6 inches long. The washers are cupped with a rubber seal and sealant. Large copper wire is the ground for the mast. 20170222_140133.jpg 20170222_140205.jpg

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