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  1. Roger Long

    Roger Long

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    US Portland, Maine
    I should have saved the title of my previous post for this one. Or, maybe it was prescient. Anyway, after over half a century of sailing and cruising, I finally ran aground. Oh sure, I’ve bumped before while poking around in places where that was an expected part of the game but, I’ve never had an experience meeting this forum’s definition of “Running Aground”.

    During my first trip, I counted off the states I went through without the keel touching bottom until I had to plow through a mud bank about 100 yard into Georgia. The many shallow spots that I’ve plowed through since show the accuracy of the definition we came up with then.

    As long as the boat keeps moving, it doesn’t count.

    Well, I can’t duck this one. We were coming around the infamous corner in the Amelia River at Marker 18 headed for St. Marys. I had the GPS zoomed too far out so it looked like I was close to the course I had laid over my southbound track. Dreameagle came up from below and, with that distraction and momentary blocking of the GPS, I swung too soon. “Squish!”, we were stuck. Backing off with a strong wind and current behind us clearly wasn’t going to work so I tried bulling through. The numbers on the depth sounder just kept dropping and Strider began to heel. I rolled out the jib but the additional heel and drive wouldn’t budge here even with the engine running hard. Nothing for it but to wait it out, stuck fast right on the line between the two red markers (the favored side here).


    We stuck at 1355 with about four inches of the minus tide yet to drop and the sounder reading 3.8 feet. By 1500, the heel was easing. A powerboat went by and I felt the keel bumping bottom with the wake. A lot of power and a bit of jib got the head around and she began to move. Ten minutes later, we were underway scraping and plowing over and through the other little humps in this section.

    We were still on schedule to make St. Marys in time for happy hour but the stiff west wind sending spray over the bow and the prospect of the current in the river turning us stern to it made me opt for the shorter run up inside Drum Point Island across from Cumberland. The shelter here is rather minimal and we are bouncing around a bit but the current is only setting us sideways with the chop broken by the low shore a few hundred yards away. Hopefully, the wind will go down with the sun.

    They say there are two kinds of sailors, those who have run aground and liars. I've been proud to be a liar for over half a century but I guess I'm not one anymore.

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  2. Don Lucas

    Don Lucas

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    Took 50 years? Someone hasn't been trying very hard to tuck into anchorages.

    BTW - I went aground the very first time I took my first boat away from the dock. It was in the channel that they had taken the markers out of.

  3. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

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    Better later than sooner.

    Now that you know how to do it...


  4. Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit

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    US Alamitos Bay
    The attitude I saw in Florida (lots of shallow water around) was simply: "If you don't go aground a couple of times a year--you're not out sailing enough!" I must have been hard aground at least 5 times in 11 years so I guess I was not getting out enough by a factor of 4!

  5. Caboteur


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    CA St-Lawrence river
    Secure anchoring

    You may still say that you never ran aground... it was just an unplanned very secure anchorage! I've been securely anchored so many times I couldn't even think to start counting.

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  6. BobT


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    US North East River, Chesapeake Bay
    I prefer to think of it as calibrating the depth sounder. Preferably done with soft mud, of course. It is one of the few times we can be grateful for a power boat wake!

  7. Scotty C-M

    Scotty C-M

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    US Santa Cruz
    Great story. The way we said it was, "There's two types of sailors, those who have run aground, and those who are gonna."

  8. Nils T

    Nils T

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    US Winter Park, FL
    Three types of Sailors: (3) Those that will not admit they have run aground.

  9. Ron20324


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    US Annapolis MD
    Roger, you’ve met my Singles on Sailboats (SOS) club people a couple of times in Galesville. One awards banquet, the MC asked all skippers to stand up and take a bow. We did, but then she added to “stay up”. (uh=oh). We have “Jibe-Ho” awards for those, well, “unusual happenings”, shall we say?
    She said the bay is not without its hazards, like running aground, so how about if anyone who has NOT run aground once in a day, “sit down”. No one sat down. How about those who HAVE run aground once in a day “sit down”. Most of us sat down, but a few stayed up. How about those who have run aground TWICE on the same day, “sit down”. All the others sat down. She said, wait a minute, someone should still be standing. “Bob, where are you?”. Bob got up with a quizzical look; “who me? What? Huh?”. According to her paperwork Bob ran aground THREE times in one day. Upon hearing that, Fritz stood up and said “oh, that’s mine”. Seems he had borrowed Bob’s boat for a club weekend cruise, ran aground three times, but never told Bob about it.

  10. Rasselas36


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    US Mulberry Cove Marina
    No pride here. I can't count the number of times I have run aground since I began boating (1972) here in Florida. Both in the St. Johns River and ICW.

  11. rockingham


    Joined Sep 27, 2014
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    Montgomery 17
    US driveway
    I find the abrupt CRUNCH!!! and stopping of forward motion so upsetting I refuse to do it. I will find some other way to "calibrate my depth sounder";-}}}}

  12. Misfits


    Joined Apr 14, 2009
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    US NH
    Yea, yea, blaming it on your woman ;)

  13. Chris Patterson

    Chris Patterson

    Joined Oct 17, 2011
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    US Southport..
    How about running aground on a boat move, with the owner aboard......yeah...good times..

  14. DAVA390


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    US Perry Hall,Baltimore County
    My first and only (so far) was last summer,Stillpond )Eastern Shore. I`m getting ready to get out and walk the anchor back to the channel to try to winch out, here comes a guy and girl on (1 standup ) paddleboard. They pushed us off while i closely monitored her movemnts.(Drop dead knockout, killer bikini)!!
    Afterwards , I`m inviting them aboard for drinks and dinner, insisting, They laughingly declined.Paddling away, we waving out of the side of the Admirals mouth "Think your smart huh?" "Just being neighbourly ,hun" She didn`t buy it I suspect.:D

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