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Isinglass Covers

Discussion in 'Catalina 310' started by KZW, Dec 25, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. KZW


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    Does anyone know what kind of breathable fabric should contact Isinglass?

    My dodger has covers for the Isinglass. They are two different types of fabric laminated. Sunbrella is on the outside while the inside the cloth that contacts the Isinglass is a soft breathable fabric. It is almost waffle-like in texture with little holes to help it dry quickly. This fabric is decaying in the sunlight, but the outside Isinglass Sunbrella is good condition.

    Anyone know what fabric should be sewn into the outside Sunbrella to replace the decaying fabric? The Admiral says she can sew it if I can get the fabric.

  2. CTS


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    we are in the process of having a new dodger made and the canvas guy said that if I wanted the white liners he will do it, (extra cost) but he said the canvas would not scratch the isinglass. Said it was more of an insulation than a protectant. Not sure if this is true, but that's what he was selling me.

  3. Don S/V ILLusion

    Don S/V ILLusion

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    I think you would be better served asking some of the reputable canvas guys here in Florida. Opinions on the forum may well be only that and given by well meaning people but who are unfamiliar with some of the issues we face here rather than up north.

    Humidity can cause canvas-type liners to stick and therefore abraide the 'glass'. They also pick up dirt also abrasive. There are other reasons the guys I know recommend only certain type fabrics which are similar to what are commonly referred to as polar fleece but are actually something else I can't recall.

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  4. SG


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    We've used Sunbrella covers on our dodger clear plastic. We clean keep the canvas pretty clean and we hose-off, softly soap and gently treat the clear plastic before we put the covers on.

    We've done that in the Chesapeake for over 25-years with two boats. The Sunbrella has given-out before the clear plastic -- except when someone gets thrown into it in a seaway ;^))).

  5. thinwater


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    I had Sunbrella covers on the skylight covers for 20 years. The clear vinyl remained perfect.
    Get rid of the liner and just use Sunbrella. The value of the liners is just a story.

    It gets plenty hot in the summer, and often these laid in puddles of rain water. As for dirt, I never washed the covers. Ever. Didn't seem to be a problem.
    (this was taken after 18 years)

  6. Joe


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  7. KZW


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  8. seadaddler


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    I been living in Florida for 10 years now and only have sunbrella covers on my dodger covers
    and yes I do use Meguires X plastice to clean polish and remove any marks so keep the clear polished and never use any strong soap and only very soft rags for cleaning.
    My boat is 2007 and still have all canvas from 2007.

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